Patch for HDR announced

If they fix vega, I can actually play now. :bottle:

i would like the eye patch instead. so cool.

should fix that gitch thats been going on forever…u know, blue balls keep flying out of ryu :looney:

the electricity glitch is kinda funny to me, if there’s any one to keep it’s that one.

Finally! Very high probability its the screen glitches since it occurs so often.

What I really want is an option to play in Widescreen Mode on a 4:3 TV, or just zoom in and cut the sides off. I don’t care if it’s letterbox, I just want to see some of the details on the characters. Slim chance of that happening though.

This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time!

LOL. I hope they make a couple gameplay changes also. At least fix the move input bugs.

I think the glitch they are trying to fix is the one where you try to purchase and play SS2THDR as a European user and it doesn’t work as they say it’s US and Asia only.

Hopefully that one is sorted and we all get to play the game :wgrin:

I just hope that the connectivity issue is addressed, along side with the graphic/hud glitches as they were just really annoying. I really don’t expect them to “fix” everything, but atleast get the major stuff done and over with. It’s the least I can hope for :-/

wtf, i just got a complete black screen just now, after loading onto an online match. he was chun li, i was dee jay. where’s that bugs thread?

In addition to fixing major bugs, I hope this patch addresses some other issues, like not letting players leave a lobby at the results page. It’s especially annoying during friendly quick matches, because the only way to leave is to either quit during a match, or to quit the game entirely.

That exact same thing happened to me earlier today, first time though.

also today, i was going to quit but the guy wanted to keep on playing, so i got that running red paint background for the entire match and couldn’t see anything. luckily when it was the next match the game fixed itself.

i’m mostly irritated when this game makes me have to restart my ps3!:annoy:

I too hope that they add this feature. It’s easy to forget about the non bug issues, since I don’t really think about them until I’m actually playing. Being able to leave a lobby at the results page would make much more sense, since it’s almost impossible to leave from the match up page given the number of people who mash “X” in between matches (I’m guilty of this as well :wgrin:)

dunno if this been knowed but, i just notice everytime i check my scoreboard “friend” it freezes up…also on wolf of the battlefield. anybody else has this freeze glitch?

Yup, mine freezes to both those games and 1942. Every time I try to see friends scoreboard. Funny thing is they’re all Capcom games.

Oh crap, all my capcom games freeze up when i check scoreboards WTF?:annoy:

Iz tere way to fix this?:confused:

I’ve been thinking the game needed a patch for the longest time. I get angry because I can’t back out and end the lobby (even when hosting). The only way to quit is to quit in-game. There are some other little issues too (which is why I understand SCEE denied the game twice already). After the patch I’ll probably get into it more again.

Yea that shit is annoying sir!:annoy:

Usually after about 10 games or so, I get the HUD glicth or sometimes lose connection, games so nice though when it’s up and running…:lovin: