Patch is out!!!


Xbox 360 patch is out now and its great!!


Yep, online is extremely smooth now :slight_smile:


So good. That’s all I gotta say.


I saw this on recently active and thought it was a SkullGirls update. How dare you play with my dreams and emotions good sir.


yeahhhhhhh buddy.


Got a few sets online. Feels almost good enough to be compared to offline on 3 to 4 bar connection.


Other than the intros I didn’t experience any slowdowns at all. Really glad this patch came out so soon. I was worried we’d have to wait at least a week or two.


With this news, I’m copping it today. Hope to see some of you on!


Perfect timing, my copy arrived this morning via UPS. It is sitting on my desk staring me down, waiting for lunch time so I can go home and play it.


Yeah patch is great. Just took Chie to C rank without any laggy games, 21 or so.

Glad I’m done with ranked. Can’t believe mofos already got a red name.


How is netplay compared to SF4?


Better for sure. You can react to stuff that you should be able to.


Aha! Nice, gonna have to buy once it’s released in Europe!


online is all good now

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