Patch notes nerfs?

I don’t play this game, but I did for about 2 weeks when it came out and I liked Nina. So I don’t really have any knowledge about what the stance is on her now, but the things that stood out to me on the latest patch notes were that her hurtbox (not hitbox) are getting enlarged, meaning she’s more vulnerable now. Wasn’t one of her strengths that her moves were relatively safe? I hear she’s mid-low-tier so wonder why the nerfs?

What do you guys think?

But her crouching normals got sped up, which sounds pretty good. (5-frame cr.HP should be pretty boss.)
Depending on exactly how the hitbox on j.MK will be, being able to cross up with it could be a good buff.
Damage on geyser cannon buffed ( :o ) and it looks like LK geyser should work well as an anti-air now too.
And a damage buff to skull splitter and arm breaks.

So overall I think the changes should be good for her, but how they stack up with all the other changes I have no idea.

Mid low tier??? Lmao! She is one of the better female characters. The hurt box enlargment does kind of hurt her footsie spacing the buff to her AA game is gonna make her pretty scary, plus damage buff to geyser cannon and ivory cutter. This is a win for the Nina players.

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Ok cool, maybe I’ll give her a try again.

Nina’s combos are more damaging, she has better anti airs, her best crouch normal is faster, cr. hp is faster…
I didn’t even think she was that bad before. I always thought she was better than Kaz.

I use Jin x Nina as one of my main teams, and i would seriousely put her first if she had a proper AA and when landing a combo i would tag in Jin. He could stay in close with his great pressure game. However i had too much trouble keeping people out with Nina, and it just became very frustrating, i couldn’t force people to play the ground game with her. Same problem i had with Steve…so i went to the dark side and picked Cody, had enough of people jumping in haha.

i have cammy on point just because she gets in easier and has better AA.
Nina is great, but cracking people up is quite difficult.

Her one huge nerf is her ex geyser being -10f on block, but I actually agree with it. At only -6f before, I was punished for it 1 out of 10 times, and that risk is tiny compared to an invincible move which can allow me to score 400+ dmg. Can’t just spam that move when I’m being pressured anymore.

I’m not happy at all about her hurtbox increases. I thought her good pokes were one of her defining characteristics. They weren’t brokenly good either, but I guess it could balance out with the nerfs others are receiving.

Lk geyser as anti-air is an absolutely insane buff. She now has an anti-air which causes a float state, and Nina has crazy dmg and juggle potential for floaters. Between her nerfs and buffs, I’d say she’s still a very strong character but she’ll have to be played even smarter than previously to be used effectively.

Yep, more damage and better AA. Nina has gone up in all respects. The chain nerfs are just standard across the board.

I honestly felt she was top 10 in the game on the low. Its just there arent many nina players but she made a dangerous anchor depending on who teamed up with her.

I’m learning that now, and I just don’t see ow she isn’t one of the more used characters. Has practically everything you could ask for except a reliable AA.

Its a mystery to me also. And her AA is decent. It isnt the best but viable.

This patch her playstyle is gonna change a little. Nerfed range, more unsafe specials, buffed damage and AA. Her footsie tools are not going to be as good but we are rewarded more for landing the hit. And her specials being more unsafe should not affect anyone really. She has legit tekken strings that are good enough for her to still be able to apply pressure.

Well my theory on character usage is if you can’t get llllmhh then you ain’t shit. Most of the top characters can rapid fire those lows. Nina ain’t one of them. She is my main girl in this game,but she doesn’t have anything that is cheap and accessible to the mechanics of the game. Just my opinion on why she is slept on. Great character but just doesnt have the cheapness to be discovered.

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Any idea what ninas lp mp bb will be on hit? can we combo after? can it cause a restand on falling opponent? lk gc for aa is pretty sexy.

guess i will figure it out tomorrow. oh well.

-_- i have been trying that but dunno if its a 1 frame link with, so i need to try it again. Wat im concern about is block strings, can u guys help me with that?

Safe Block strings
Safe jumps
was thinking about command dash on wake up (on the opponents)

safe block - off a jumpin use lp-mp, that is +0 and very easy to hit confrim. if it hits just cancel lp-mp into mk.geyser (hk wont connect).
if blocked, from there you can go into splitter for crushing lows (that is punishable however), another jump-in or just backdash/block

OK, so on block lp blond bomb would be very effective then? Thx, dont know her ground game too well…

lp blond is punishable, forget about it. its not worth the risk.

I’m still a person who says never use any Blonde Bomb unless it’s like EX. Ivory Cutter/Launcher will always be superior.

Also, with that cr.HP buff, Nina’s Double SS combos are easier. Well, harder at first if you’re used to the old timing (like I was…) and the slower normals, but now you can eyeball it a lot easier.

buffed damage on hk geyser shall make it a preferred version of combo, no? its whooping 100dmg now.
only off a launcher cr.hp-ss-cr.hp-ss-ivory is better.