Patch PC and PS3 now is same or not ? cuz something different


Hello everyone I am noob fighting game
I need to ask something about
Is the patch for Super Street fighter iv Arcade Edition 2012 PC and PS3 same patch or not ?
Because I try to play on PC with RYU and I can shoryuken by HP and use MP MK to focus cancel
But when I play on PS3 I cannot shoryuken by HP and use MP MK to focus cancel but if i shoryuken by LP or MP it can focus cancel.

I need to know is it normal ?

thanks . and sorry for my english


It means you do not have the v2012 patch on PC, only the original Arcade Edition.


it’s the same patch, don’t you need 2 bars to focus cancel out of a special move? Been a while since I played so I can’t really say for sure.



thank you for reply

But i think i patched both platform

But that mean the latest version should be cannot Shoryuken HP , then use MP+MK to focus cancel right ?




can anyone play on latest ps3 version and tell me can it Shoryunken HP , then cancel by MP+MK
because on my ps3 it cannot but pc can


oh thank you.


The 2012 version can not FADC HP. Because they “buffed” the damage on the HP SRK to 160 and didnt want to people
to use it to FADC, only LP / MP can. Pointless nerf if you ask me because the metsu Hadokens damage scaling take care of
it anyway.

Your PS3 is correct and you have a problem on your PC… it should say 2012 on the PC… does it not ?