Patch Q: Would you prefer a slight speed increase?


Hey! Hey, listen! I have a question for anyone who feels like answering. Please encourage your friends to vote, or if you don’t have friends then tell people on other forums. The more responses, the better.

One of the things I can do in the Skullgirls patch is change the frameskip. After testing, I sorta prefer a 3% speed increase, and the few people I’ve had try it also seem to prefer it. However, I’m curious how many people prefer the fact that it’s currently fairly slow.

Further clarification:
Changing the frameskip number in SG doesn’t change the actual gameplay at all. Frame data remains the same. This is purely an aesthetic question.
All the gameplay still happens the same way it does now - assists are still vulnerable for two frames of game time, moves are still active for the same amount of time, just that some of the frames happen without being shown to the player…but SG already does that even now. (^.^) The reason I’m even CONSIDERING this is because it ISN’T a change to gameplay except for the feel. Even increasing the game speed to 150% wouldn’t change how anything works, it would just mean you have to do your inputs a whole lot faster.

[edit] For those curious, a 3% speed increase is enough so you can feel it when moving around, but it doesn’t affect the timing of combos a whole lot. It’s equivalent to dropping about 2 frames out of 60 (2 / sec).

[edit 2] Given the average movement speed and attack startup, GG is about 3% faster than SG. :^)

I’ll be bringing a sped-up build to WNF this week, so anyone who can make it to Super Arcade should go. In the meantime, vote! You have something like 3 days. :^P

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Yes Mike Z a tad speed increase won’t hurt overall and will result into more fast-paced gameplay thats a bit more marvel 2 level got no problems with this ^-^ I’ll tune in on WNF to see how this ends up.


A speed increase would be fantastic, especially with the changes coming to the chain system!


I voted no. Not because I think a faster version couldn’t be as good/better, but because I don’t know for sure. I like the current pace of the game so there’s no incentive for me to want it changed.

If it does end up in the patch, would it be optional?


I’m currently happy with the speed myself.


Funny thing, when my friends and I first got our hands on SG (By this, I mean I forced them to play this, or I wouldn’t take them out of my whining singularity), a couple of them complained about the speed of the gameplay, calling it “too slow”.

I responded that it feels too slow because you’re taking prior knowledge of fighting games (in his case, ST) and trying to make it fit into SG.

I personally like the speed of SG, it allows me to accurately assess a situation without fumbling over shit.

The speed reminds me of GG, and not MVC3 (where shit is so frantic, that more than once, you’ll here someone yell “what just happened?”, not because of an insane mixup, but with the amount of assists, speed of the game, and nature of it, it kind of adheres to chaotic shit.)

Some people like chaotic, I don’t.

But then again, I honestly don’t know what “3%” is, so I guess I have to wait until watching WNF to give judgement.

But I feel that the faster you make a game like SG (one that uses assists and 4 different things can happen at once on screen) the weirder footsies feel.

**EDIT:**Oh, then I DO want it to stay the same, because there were moments where I felt that I would enjoy GG more if it was a tad bit slower.


This is why I started a poll! :^)

Hmm. I could implement a Normal-Turbo option, but that splits the community and the online/tournament standard would have to be one or the other anyway…so if it made the cut I would probably make it the only choice.

[edit] Given the average movement speed and attack startup, GG is about 3% faster than SG. :^) I’ll put this in the first post, too.


I’m satisfied with the current speed of the game. I don’t think it needs to be changed


No, don’t do the normal-turbo option.

Here’s the thing. I voted “no” primarily because it seems like it would be a big gameplay system change when there’s already a big gameplay system change coming through the pipeline (the IPS changes).

However…I’ll be honest, if it was 3% faster on release, I probably would’ve preferred that.


Ah thats a better picture for comparison. GG was not a terrible fast game so SG at GG level i doubt would become an issue and would probably work well with the revamped IPS that nerfs all the characters overall damage output possibilities


What is it that you’re trying to do with game? It’s fine how it is. Please don’t try and turn this game into another MvC3. That’s all I ask for at this point man. But it’s your game, man… But in the end it’s your game, so I guess we have to play whatever you want us to if we wanna play the game. sigh.


Ok, I’m sold.


dunno how a speed increase would make it like MvC3. iirc a lot of the games overall system was inspired by various good games, including MvC2 which was ridiculously fast pace. plus most people seem to find it similar to anime fighting games (like Guilty Gear), which are usually defined by being so fast.

i think a 3% speed increase wouldn’t hurt the game in any way, and if it feels overall better for the testers at WNF i’d say go for it. most people here are just going to think it’s bad since it’s something different and affects the overall feel of the game, but knowing GG i doubt it would be that severe. :razzy:


This is an interesting response to a public poll…I mean, I could understand this response if I weren’t ASKING you, but I am.


would be awesome, I feel your given too much time to respond to stuff, maybe 6% or a little bit more.

I think pacing in general is better with more speed.


How can you increase the game by an arbitrary 3% when moves are counted in discrete frames? A move that was 33 frames will be 32 frames, but a move that’s like 6 frames will probably still be 6 frames right? I don’t really understand what a speed increase of 3% means.


It means he increases the frame skip, which Skullgirls already does.


the slower the game the smarter it is. the faster it is the more people are allowed to get away with… stuff and use things that have less fundamental relevance. i vote no on a speed increase. people already cant react to the resets much, if the speed were increased it would just make neutral even more of a crapshoot and the fast characters like val would be even better. whereas the same point couldnt be said of the slower characters like bella where the speed increase would help but not as much as it would the pixies.



I really love how you continue to reach out to the community for feedback for this type of stuff Mike.

I need to think of it, but for now I think I’m with Age of Fools, I really like everything now, what aint broken don’t need fixin’. So I don’t really have an incentive for it. At the same time, if it made dashing and air dashing faster, getting around, that could be cool.


getting away with stuff is fine, resets are based on prediction in this game anyway. A 3-6% increase will only give a tad less time to respond to things, alot of the punishes in this game are extremely easy to react to. Also, a game being too slow so that you can react to everything makes it less strategic in my mind, your closing off tons of options cause its easier to react with hard counters. If the game is too slow the reversals always win against jump ins if you take it to the extreme.