Patch Status.


I emailed Autumn Games directly over the weekend and received a reply from them not too long ago. I asked about the patch and the pc port specifically. Here’s the reply word for word:





There you go~


And now the whining can cease [looks at OilR]


There it is.

Thanks a bunch, Chibi.


It would have been cool if they announced this to the public. No worries tho I just got the game and still playing mostly in training mode. Hopefully it’ll breathe new life online when the patch hits.


Perhaps they didn’t want to let out anything until they were 100% certain, I’m not sure.


But I mean there is no certainty in that email and no real time frame. People just like communication so they don’t feel they’re in the dark. I feel like that’s why Riot games is so successful, they report to their players for anything and everything. They give them updates on what’s to come and what they are working on. The community looks forward to it.


I can’t read because I’m dumb.

Can you do it for me?


Castle Crashers for 360.

If you were one of the people who were waiting for a patch there, then you’d know how time frames are impossible to state for a patch. You can only give an approximate based on other patches’ turnaround but if it’s delayed, then they’ll be basically attacked for not meeting their “deadline” because time frames are ALWAYS confused with deadlines.


Anything better than nothing. I hope it gets here before the end of the yeat


Well we’re talking about a fledgling development studio along with a rather new publisher. Baby steps I suppose.


Wish it was out for SB, but I guess not.


I’m happy they responded~ :woot: It’s good to hear that testing finally began.


Glad to hear a more concrete info. I’m still hyping this game to no end, it has too much good to be held by silly things. Let’s make this huge! \o/


You have a psn as well?

Adding you.


You know what would be awesome? If this was on PS vita. :D:D:D:D:D well maybe the controls would be awkward… :frowning:


Btw, is there a reason why it’s not available for preorder on steam yet? I mean, uh, it’s already on origin and gamersgate and etc


I encourage you guys to send emails and ask for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Bah, I still like SG with or without the patch.

I don’t think SG unpatched isn’t as bad people are making it out to be.


Unpatched SG is better than some games on the market at least (hi mvc3). Anyways, thanks for getting the ball rolling, Master Chibi. It’s good to hear that Reverge has gotten past this hurdle and is going strong.


Can’t say much else than: Thank you, Chibi.