Patch these for SSF4 AE!


Make SRKs 4 frames
Replay search by Gamertag/Character/Class
Skip button in the lobby
Bring back Championship Mode
Tighten reversal window


Rematch button in Endless
That is all


I’m simply curious, why are people so hung-up on no championship mode?


I pretty much stopped using the standard rated game matching system and only create my won games now, so at least i won’t be screwed over by people trying to get in a quick hit at the start and avoid a decent fight. But i don’t think that’s how it should be.
So, I’d really like capcom to show the match settings in the matchup screen so i don’t have to check them every time before pressing ready (since in my experience about 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 match-makers -seems to be dependant on time/day- tries to get me in on single round games, often with less than full time and that frustrates me a lot).


Assuming this only applies in 1v1 endless or if the host turns the feature on, this would make SSF4 100 times better than it is now.

I approve.


Turning sound to 0, disabling shortcuts and making dp motion :r::df::d::df: not :dp:


SRKs are fine.
Fuck Championship mode, it’s pointless with the current system. Super is fine as it is.
The only thing you said that I agree with. Mashers and turbo users abuse the reversal windows. As Chris Hu would say “fix dat shit right now!”


^^^ Why no to skip button in the lobby? Would be awesome if people could turn skip when they’re just in an endless to spectate or have to AFK for something.


It isn’t needed IMO. I mean really, just have one player hit ready, the spectator doesn’t hit anything. Wait a few seconds, and they’re skipped. There are other things that could be fixed besides that, like a rematch button in 1v1 lobbies (has to be enabled).


They should umm put in a mode where I can play sf4 against 3s players on ggpo, with only 3s characters allowed of course. (and from an arcade cabinet)


make Adon S tier


would save a lot of time in the long run if you have a lobby with a spectator, much less more than one spectator.


For the life of me I don’t understand why you’d consider replay searches specific to a nominated character or gamertag a bad idea.


Because isn’t it so much cooler to get random videos of “just bought the game yesterday and haven’t ever played a fighter before” adon videos while looking for videos of that great guy player?


If you play ranked, you play anyone. If you play Championship you only get people that are in your grade, worked out great in Vanilla


Tighten the reversal window. Seriously.


You play people in your grade if you set it to “same skill” and people in your grade or higher if you set it to “more skilled” with the current ranked system.


You can always go to youtube.


Network Battle > Ranked > Custom > Search: Same Skill

Seriously, stop concerning yourselves over the games features and not the actual gameplay faults. Only thing that needs to be added; A movie gallery. We need a movie gallery, and it was silly for capcom not to add one. Goodness, I feel like I’m on


It’s actually th ecomplete opposite, everyone’s complaining about some blonde amnesiac’s U2 and some uppercut for a blonde fiery dude.

Also Same Skill never works