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yeah I’m assuming its minor bug patches. nothing added (command list,lobbies,ai training) does anyone know if hitboxes being visable during general gameplay a issue anymore?


I was shocked to see a minisized patch already out. Does anyone know what it “fixed”?


ah Mike z clarified, its for the control support i guess for flight sticks and guitars that the game had issues with. and apparently it was submitted before release lol. Thats right i read about them trying to patch this lol


Great, now I can give Skullgirls a 10/10 on my fake review site because I could play with my fake guitar.


lol there is a youtube video of the developers playing this game with a guitar and flightstick, funny stuff


Hope that doesn’t count as the ‘first patch FREE’ ticket~

I’m more hype for G-Tag visibility & spectation~


No, Mike said this mini patch was submitted before release, but that it toke so long because that’s how the patching QA works.


i can’t remember if this was ever brought up in the gd or q&a thread, but has there been any mention of whether or not there will be dlc stages?


Not sure. New stages would be nice but unless they are “remixed” stages (Little innstown for example where their is a night version) They would take a decent amount of time to develop. such as getting a fitting stage bgm for example. I would not mind playing a “night” version of Maplecrest or a “day” version of New Meridian. If there are gonna be additional stages it would most likely be the remixed route like i just mentioned. Then again patching up and polishing the games features and getting dlc characters done should be top priority though


Yes, they will be included. No info about price and form but there certainly will be more stages in SG - that much was confirmed.


They said they would like to do one new stage per DLC character. That includes a new song from Yamane!


How about we gather what we know about the future DLC in this thread?


Characters, stages and palettes are pretty much confirmed. Also Peter was talking about new arrangements of existing themes to fit different characters. No much info on this subject though. Also true story mode is probable. I really hope they will manage to make it…


I just hope they announce the pricing on the DLC characters soon, so I know how much MSP to buy before hand.


Split this off from the Patch/DLC/Update thread to encourage discussion on the updates themselves without clogging up the other thread.

Suggestions for Patches and Updates go in this thread.


Well, I think it was sometime near the end of February where Ravidrath hinted that work on the first dlc had already begun, or they were working on animating her or something. Then around March someone said that it would take about 2 months to develop each new character and later reconfirmed that the character had been getting work done. Then that “the one everyones been asking for”? post. High hopes would say this is evidence to a DLC possibly being ready by mid-late may and already well into being done. Perhaps in the coming weeks we’ll be surprised by a new FNF featuring a new charactersomething…

Also would be cool if after 4 characters released there was a new intro and the like that included them.


Its my best guess that there not going to set a release date just yet because they were kind of rushed on the release of the game itself.


Worth noting is that the first patch isn’t just going to include the character DLC. They’re planning to also include training mode support, movelists, and probably lobbies as well and thats going to tack on at least another month or so of development I think. At the absolute earliest I would expect the first patch to be hitting somewhere near Mid to late June with it being a more likely July release.


Still feel kinda hype


• Green Vial time goes down on additional hits.

  • • IPS will now consider standing normals, crouching normals, and command normals to all be the same attack.*

Welp, there goes most of my good combos with Val ;(

edit: Also hoping this won’t make the game feel watered down.
edit2: Wouldn’t the IPS buff make the Green Vial nerf pointless?