Patching a metal control panel?


Ok, I’m working on my player 2 stick, and I’m in need of advice from someone who’s done something like this. I’ve got a T5 case that I want to use, I’ve already removed the art and taken care of the tabs, but I’ve decided I want to patch two of the main button holes, as well as the start and select holes. I don’t want to just use button plugs, as I’ve always disliked the look, and I could use the extra art space.

I’ve patched extra button holes in wooden panels before with a piece of wood cut to fill the hole and some bondo, but I’m not really sure what the best way to do it on a metal panel is. I need a patch sturdy enough that it won’t just pop out at the smallest amount of abuse, since it’s my guest stick and my friends are fairly rough on things. Should I cut a small thin piece of metal and jb weld it to the bottom, then fill the hole with bondo and sand flush? Can I skip the bondo, and just use enough jb weld that it fills the hole too and sand that down? Is there an even better method that I’m overlooking?


they make a wire mesh that’s adhesive on one side, you cut that out to the size you need and then use bondo like you normally would, that’s what i’ve used to patch metal and plastic parts before.

edit: here’s a link to the body patch on Ace’s website