Path Of Destruction: A Tribute CV to the Juggernaut

To all,

      It is with great pleasure that we release yet another tribute combo video from Fighters Evolution.  CSVagrant has released a combo video dedicated to the Juggernaut. Listed below is a hyper link to the official page that has the download links and YouTube link. As always, please share your thoughts with us, thanks. :sweat:

On a final note, watch the video until the end! :wink:

Official page:

in before juggernaut bitch quote =D

the ryu walking towards the sun ending was cool

Thanks guys. :smile:

Uh, you mean Juggernaut, right? Yeah, I know, he looks like Ryu walking into the sun set like in the old original SF games. That’s one of my favorite parts of this vid as well. -B