Path of Exile: Legacy League is now live!


Official Website:
Skill Tree Builder:
Uber Atziri Capable Builds:


Guild Rules

  1. No cheating, no scamming, no spamming (including trade spam in guild chat), no hacking, no racism, no turbo/macros/auto fire, etc.
  2. Guild Safe: Items in the guild safe are for you to use, but please don’t abuse it. You may use a skill gem from the guild safe but if you no longer need it please put it back in the guild safe, unless we have more than three of the same item there already. You are not allowed to take items from guild safe for the purpose of selling or trading them. If you want an item that’s in the admin tab, please ask an officer to move it to public when you are ready to retrieve it.
  3. Guild members not on the official guild list will be kicked. In the members section, only your SRK account will be listed, you may PM the officers with your character name if you want a guild invite. I will maintain the offline list. Please have your SRK forum name listed in your status in-game, this will help others know who you are and make it easier for our officers to manage the guild.

Guild Acceptance Process
Please post in this thread if you want to join the guild.

Guild Members

Guild Leader: @ElderGOD‌
@“Shaft Agent”
Rest will be added after confirmed activity
In-game officer status will be removed if remain inactive

Quick guide for new players:
to be updated

Guild Events:

If anyone wants help you can post in this thread and one of us if available can log on to assist you. If you have any questions you can ask here or PM me.

Path of Exile Official release date is 10/23! GET ON IT

Skill Builds


Guild Safe






I still wanna be in the guild. Names Faltimar in the game.


I’m up in there as PozerMages


Mayne name is Rumbit, current character is Brerrrrb. I’m limiting my time down to once a week.


Who took the items out of the public tab? I’m just curious if it’s one of us or if we have a random in the guild.


Eh? People be stealing from us?

Well, this doesn’t seem right.


Don’t worry, decent stuff is in admin tabs. I also made all tabs, including gems, admin last night. So we are safe. I left one tab public and put rares in there on purpose to test if the person stealing was already kicked or someone still in, and it looks like they’re still in. I’m going to kick everyone from the guild who doesn’t post in this thread by next Friday. Please help spread the message to others in the guild.

I leveled a char from 1-50 last night, found 3 gemcutter shrines and used 60+ alts to get +8 items on all 3 of them, so our gem tabs are not empty. If you need anything just ask an officer.


Bringing this here for future references.

Just want a build with a lot of Blue and Green Frenzies and criting all day, lol.

Also, what is Aura Effect and what exactly does it Effect?


Blue = Power Charge
Green = Frenzy Charge
Red = Endurance Charge

Aura effect increases the effectiveness of your auras, so if you are running discipline for energy shield, increasing the effect will yield more energy shield. There are also buff nodes which affect not only auras but buffs like molten shell’s armor boost.

I have two characters at the moment, both utilizing auras and aura effect nodes. One is SRS with AA/IR (the 90k+ armor one), the other is a BM MC Summoner.


Kicked more people, should be clean now.


Added ton of gems to guild safe. If anyone wants anything just message an officer in-game to move it to public or if none of us are on let us know when you will be on so we can prepare it in advance.


Hey guys, my name’s Josh and my ign is BajaBlazin, if anyone needs help or has any questions please feel free to pm me ingame :slight_smile:


Sorry, I haven’t been on for some time. Been caught up on a lot of things.

However, I am wondering if I should continue my current build, or make a new mage and create the build I posted earlier.


Im not even sure if Im playing my character right. I think the class I picked is shadow or shade or something like that. Pumping points into dex and dual wield damage mostly.


Man I got no motivation to take my raging spirits scion to maps. At 58 and don’t wanna farm felshrine. ~_~


I have an SRS witch, solos courtyard (level 78 map) with ease. When you are leveling an SRS build, try to rely more on your zombies and spectres earlier on, the SRS don’t really shine until you have the minion nodes, aura nodes, and skill effect duration nodes. Also, do you have SRS linked with spell echo, multistrike, and melee damage? Zombies should be tanking for you, if they’re not link a minion life gem and make sure that you got both minion regeneration nodes and minion leech nodes. My zombie setup is +2 helm with zombie/multistrike/melee damage/melee splash and I swap melee splash for life leech sometimes (will swap for empower once I get it higher level). Vitality aura helps greatly. If you want a huge damage boost, get element equilibrium and have a non-fire elemental gem linked to spell totem to trigger it. If you don’t want that then rejuvenation totem is godlike for really keeping you zombies alive against stronger bosses or if you want more dps searing, while greatly nerfed, is not a bad addition for just a single gem in an unset ring.

If you can kill stuff your level, you’re doing it right.

We don’t have an inactivity policy at the moment, so don’t worry about it. We have a guild safe with skill gems, so you can experiment, see what you like, then make a build focused on enhancing the skill setup that you prefer.

Thank you for offering help, it’s greatly appreciated.