Path of Exile Official release date is 10/23! GET ON IT


I just downloaded Path of Exile and played 7 hours straight and I’m in love. I have the Diablo 3 beta and I am severely underwhelmed after beta patch 13.

Almost all new releases these days are moving more and more towards user friendly content. More and more features get removed to appeal to the casual gamers. It doesn’t make a game more fun, it just decreases player freedom and customization! Sadly this is the path Blizzard chose for Diablo 3.

Path of Exile is the game Diablo 1 would be if it were released today. It’s simply a great game. It’s currently in closed beta but they are doing a public stress test from March 30th to April 1st for anyone to join! So download this game right now and re-experience the feeling you had when you first played Diablo 1.


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damn i thought this was a diablo 3 thread, cause I signed up for the annual pass and get the game free and kinda curious how it plays since i only played a bit of diablo 2


Path of Exile plays more like D1 and D2 in terms of skill attributes and the atmosphere. I’m really enjoying this game but ultimately I’ll be playing the game with the most followers. Which will be D3 obviously.


Holy shit, I remember seeing this game at some video game show and was like “WHAT IS THIS GAME?!” and people were like “LAWL, DIABLO CLONE!!”

What a bunch of jerks.
I’m down to get this game. Thanks for the heads up! :smiley:


Been playing this the past few days and I’m really liking it (using the Templar). I think my eyes damn near popped out of my head when I saw the skill tree for the first time but I like the amount of customization you get. I’ll definitely be checking it out again whenever it goes live/open beta.


I had the “me gusta” face too.


From what little I played, aesthetically this is what Diablo 3 should have looked like. Game seems great, it’s just too bad I was playing it on my laptop trying to kill shit at 3 frames per second. Also, some asshole took the character name “Abid.” Probably the same dude who has that name on PSN. Bastard, whoever it is!

I’m hyped for this, a lot. Once I get my PC fixed, I’ll be playing Diablo 3 to make money and I’ll be playing this for fun and depth. I’ll be checking out Torchlight 2 at some point as well. The skill tree looks like the Sphere grid from FF10.


Good god…just saw the skill tree. More like skill forest.


Well that was a fun and short weekend of PoE. If anyone hasn’t had the time to play it yet, I believe they will be giving out closed beta keys to anyone that wants to make a donation to the company. The full amount will be reimbursed in a form of real money in-game shop.


Well, fuck.

If this is true, my back log is going from neglected lover, to dumped ex this week.



Straight from the front page:

“[LEFT]We have also announced that we will be allowing microtransaction pre-purchases within the next week. All such purchases will come with a Beta key. If you enjoyed the weekend and want to keep playing, stay tuned for news about this!”[/LEFT]




There goes all of my PS3 time.


Check out the skill tree and study it so you know which path to take when you start playing!


Holy hell at that skill tree!!! :open_mouth:


I don’t like the Path to Exile concept. The whole, “Any class can do anything” idea really bugs me, especially when the Skills are item drops.


Make a donation, get a key! Highly recommend this game.


Wow, is that FFX’s sphere grid?

This game just appeared out of nowhere and landed on my radar.


I’m amazed how much support they are getting! People are throwing money at them like they’re made out of oil and it’s only been 1 day!

Just check the forums.


I just checked my account, for the first time in 5 months.

I already had a Beta invite, and a friend’s code, lmao.

Se you guys there.


this game was lookin good before

it now has the potential to be shit