Path Of The World Warrior: The Prequel (Tribute Combo Video to Ryu)

To all,

It is with great pleasure and honor that CSVagrant and I release the first video for Path Of The World Warrior or “POTWW.” The video is dedicated to the character Ryu from the Street Fighter series and follows his story, the path he follows to become the world warrior.

We are trying to capture and show the true essence of the world warrior in these videos. With that said, the Prequel shows the duel with Sagat and then a preview of whats to come at the end of this summer.

Since this will be another tribute combo video we will attempt to cover every game that Ryu is in. With that said, we’re going to try and cover new stuff and also pay tribute to the old stuff as well.

Please share your comments and thoughts with us, thanks. -BTS


Video Details:

Video Title:
Path Of The World Warrior: “The Prequel” (Episode 1)

Direct Web Page Link:

Video description:
This is a prequel to an upcoming tribute combo video dedicated to the fighting game character Ryu from the Street Fighter series.

Blazt The Speakerz (Blazt, BTS,
CSVagrant (CSVgt, CSV)

Released date:
August 2008 (exact date: 08/08/08)

Video Type:
Character tribute compilation combo video

Video Details:
Featuring anime, high quality battle scene between Ryu and Sagat. This includes detailed editing and a trailer displaying combos being performed in the upcoming video with a wide variety of games such as the Street Fighter Alpha Series, Super Street Fighter 2, X-men Vs Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom Series, Marvel Vs Street Fighter and other games that feature Ryu. The future video will also contain some glitches and rare never before seen Ryu combos.

Music Credits:
Star Salzman: Tatsumakisenputronic
Steve Jablonsky: Megatron Vs Optimus
Immediate Music: With Great Power
Steve Jablonsky: Sam and Statues
Jive Master: Rock The Asphalt

Sweet stuff, Can’t wait!!!

yessss Ive been waiting for this lil number

Nicely done. I’m definitely hyped. :tup:

That was the wackest thing I’ve ever watched…


Thanks everyone for commenting. We appreciate both the positive and negative comments. :tup:

Yeah, well, we can’t please everyone but please keep in mind that this was a ?Prequel? with a Trailer to an upcoming tribute combo video. So this was not the actual finished product, we just wanted to show and display what?s to come.

I really appreciate the guidelines? this does help to know overall, thanks. Our upcoming video will have some anime and etc but not as much. In short, Fighters Evolution videos are designed to pay tribute to the characters and games we have all grown to love. These videos are sometimes different than what some people are used to. Then again, we also have videos such as the Double Impact video which are strictly combos but even that is technically a tribute to dual combos.

To clarify things, if you?ve seen our ?Atomic Buster? video which was dedicated to Zangief then you?ll have an idea of what the Ryu video will be like.

As a Ryu fan, I dedicated a lot of time into this video. I truly hope more people enjoy it and comment. ?BTS

Go back to playing jin.