PATMONSTA needs a ride to evolution


:sad:hello fellow srk members i live out here in Modesto and unfortunately im the only one going to evo this year but if anyone is driving up there i could definately pay my share of the gas, plz dont force me to take a grey hound to las vegas all alone hook a brother up:woot::woot:


still lookin for a ride


give it a little more time.
i’d prolly opt to share my ride with you if you can’t get one.

what with you opening your garage to us and all…:woot:


still looking for a ride peeps i got like 75 to 90 bux on gas


Ask PhaetonH in my thread, as he is going to have a carpool. If everything goes okay I’ll be coming too, so he should have a full car and cheap round trip prices.


ok thnx i pmed him