Pat's Pizza Street Fighter 4 Tournament


-$8 to enter
-Date: February 26
-Location: Pat’s Pizza 505 Main Street Sanford ME. You’ll see a huge sign you can’t miss it.
-Sign ups are at 5pm and the event starts at 7pm. Come in sooner if you like. This is going to be held in the bar part of the restaurant.
Contact this number for more info: (207)608-2509

-3 rounds best out of 3 matches.
-Single elimination
-Bracket will be randomized
-Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
-All stages are currently legal for tournament play
-All matches played at default health and handicap
-All characters are legal

The system it will be running on is a Xbox 360.

Payout isn’t going to be that great since it’s the first tournament we’re holding there. Its going to be $75-$80.


Wait, so this is happening on Friday now right? I saw a sign for this up in the Twilight Zone today while on my lunchbreak and ripped it down in anger because I thought I missed it (sorry). I can make it Friday, but I will be there closer to six than five.


Yep it’s going to be on Friday now. I was getting calls saying I should push it to Friday. I guess we’re going to have a few people coming from MA and NH.


Hey, I’d like to make it to this, but I really don’t think I can be there any earlier than 7:30pm :\ I live in MA and won’t get out of work until 6.


Awww man whys it gotta be on a Friday. I live 10 minutes from Sanford lol. Damn work!?!?!??!!


A SF4 tourny in Maine? That’s awesome! I wish I was good.


Well what’s your name and we can work something out. I can make sure your last on the list if you want to come.


I get outta work at 8pm, takes about 10-20 minutes to get there. Anyway I can make this happen?


I can put you at the end of the list too.


Tom Hoang - “asiantom” is what I usually enter tournaments as!

Yea I can try to be there as early as I can and if I am later than I say go ahead and send me to the loser bracket! but I’m going to definitely try.


It’s going to be single elimination. Only 1st and 2nd. D: Don’t worry. I think you’ll have enough time to make it. If the end of the 1st round is up I’ll just go to the second round and we’ll postpone your match.


Ryan Cook - dreadl0000rd - same as Tom goes for me, im gonna try my best to get there as fast as I can.


Why single elimination? If that is the case, then it will be a quicker tourney, and therefore you can push the start time back enough for the dudes who are going to be late. Just my two…


How many people have signed up for this just wondering.


Turns out I should be on time at 7 and I think I’m bringing two guys with me.

I’m sort of curious why it’s single elim too, but I don’t suppose I mind haha too much.


Alright time to answer all the questions.

The reason why it’s single elimination is before I wanted the cash prize to be bigger for 1st and 2nd. If we have enough people showing up we’ll make it into double. :]

How many people signing up? Including you guys, right now 12. I guess there’s going to be other people coming from MA and NH and bringing people. I’m not counting them yet.

If you guys like to know what’s up with hte tournament today please feel free to call my number. (207)608-2509


Is this place by the high school? Im being told its by where walmart and Chunkys use to be. I pull it up on google maps and it shows it by the high school. Which one is it.


It’s right across the street from Shaw’s and Smitty’s. Huge sign you can’t miss it.


Oh dusty its Brian Ill be there, prob gonna bring some scrubs for us to warm up with haha…And tom i look foward to see you and CP Live i presume youll both be there? Got me a stick now and been practicing this should be a GOODTIME…and as always so happy its at a bar :slight_smile:


Yeah same here, Last time I got to play Tom I didnt have my fightstick with me and it was at Holodek =( God I miss that place so much.