Patterns to beat the AI?

Hello guys. I am new here in the sense that I am posting from a brand new account, but I have been lurking around for a couple of weeks now. I also used to post at the old shoryuken forums (maybe 6+ years ago, I think). I’ve been playing fighting games since the original SF2 came out, but it was only around the time that MVC2 came out that I really made an effort to be good at them. Right now I am trying to get into super turbo.

Anyway, as you can tell from the topic, I would like to know what patterns I need to use to beat the AI on hardest difficulty setting. Thanks to the excellent advice both here and at the wiki, I have learned to handle most human opponents pretty well with Ryu or Chun Li. I am having a heck of a time with the AI, though.

It’s really annoying for me. After trying to search the forums here, all I have been able to learn is that the AI can be beaten by turtling completely or by using “stupid patterns”. Now the turtling is working for me, sort of. I can beat the game but I need to use a continue or two (or five). I am now interested in learning the “stupid patterns” that everyone seems to know but me. It is my hope that the SF gods of shoryuken might be able to take some time out to help a lowly scrub beat the AI.

Here is a previous thread on this topic that may interest you. (I don’t think it gives you everything you wanted though.)

edit: also this post

Thanks for this. Those threads weren’t all that I wanted, but they helped. I now know that you can just jump back and FK all day long against Gief. Incidentally, you can similarly spam jumping FK against T Hawk (jump straight up). You can also spam fireballs against Boxer. Spamming hurricane kicks against Dee Jay is good too.

I get stuck against Claw, though. It’s very hard to srk him out of the air because the game is so fast so his jump is like lightning speed.

The ST A.I. is both brutal and hilarious. Brutal in that they don’t miss reversals or reversal throws, read inputs, and do more damage and take less damage. Also some CPU A.I. is programmed to struggle out of dizzy at fastest speed. But the CPU is dumb in that they have no combos programmed beyond the most absolute basics, they fall for some pathetic traps, and if they ever dizzy you the only thing the CPU almost ever attempts is a walk up throw…even if they are Sagat and across the entire screen they will walk to you for the throw if you are in dizzy.

Just pick T.Hawk against the CPU Zangief and you can win a double perfect with just standing roundhouse every time. I try to beat the ST machines at arcades every time I go. I can usually do it without breaking a dollar because the A.I. isn’t programmed to deal with certain moves. If you know those moves it can be very easy getting to the ending screen with just a few quarters. Beating the game at CF usually gets a few laughs from people so it’s always fun when people gather around to watch the T.Hawk or Ken ending or whatever.

Another hilarious aspect of the CPU is that it can perform auto specials and supers without entering commands or holding charge…so you can see hilarious moves like walk-up pyscho crusher with Dictator or my personal favorite which is standing flash kick or super by the Guile CPU.

The ST A.I. is hard but not like a VF Quest Mode or Tekken Ghost Mode hard where the A.I. is based off of top human players. The ST A.I. just outputs an insane amount of damage and takes tons of damage.

There was a Japanese video I saw sooo long ago on Youtube or maybe Nico that showcased a number of very funny exploits with the AI. They were mostly silly things that made the CPU look absolutely bamboozed; stuff like just plain walking forward from one end to the other, and the CPU would just walk back walk back walk back and corner itself at the far end.

I wish I had saved the link to that really badly, because I can’t find it now. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

So I heard. I just don’t know what most of those traps are. Do you have any good examples aside from the T Hawk thing?

The AI is not that bad for Ryu. At least compared to non projectile characters, which will have some of their normals countered every time with instant reactions from the CPU. I try to exploit the AI the least, so as not to get too bad habits. As VirtuaFighterFour has said, it falls for some pretty stupid shit, but it will not help you in the long run to just exploit stuff that will never work elsewhere. Saying it won affect your game to do the same things over and over and only change when you face a real player is easier said than done, IMHO.

I also do not believe “everyone knows” the dumb patterns that work on the AI. In fact, many do not give a shit about it. Most wouldn’t if they had access to good competition, specially offline.

A few things for Ryu[list][]you can throw a fireball after a blocked low roundhouse of yours;[]on wakeup, every character but Claw will eat super, if you time it properly;[]crossover tatsu on wakeup is good;[]if the CPU only has a pixel of life, you score a knockdown and it is not DJ or Dictator with bar, do a meaty hadouken and it will make sure to die to it, that is, it won’t just block or get the reversal right.[/list]

Character specific BS:

E. Honda[list]vulnerable to hadouken/sweep patterns;[]vulnerable to walk up SRK;[]have the SRK or a cr.strong xx hadouken ready if he uses the buttslam, depending on the distance.[/list]
Blanka[list][]vulnerable to walk up -> SRK when he wakes up. If done late, he will try a ball and get on the ground again;[]vulnerable to jab hadouken/sweep patterns, just don’t use then when he is too close;[]does bad on the ground if you just spam cr.strong;[]he is blanka, so just use the fierce fireball if you eat or block a horizontal roll.[/list]
Guile[list][]he is Guile, cr.strong beats his jump kicks from the proper distance[]also 'cos he is Guile, he can be easily crossed up, and know the AI falls for a cr.jab tick;[]use hadoukens and rush punches to zone and be at the end of his jump arc, SRK if he jumps in;[]vulnerable to jab hadoukens when cornered;[]has some pattern that he jumps, attacks, does a cr.forward and then a boom. Punish the boom with tatsu, just like any predictable Guile.[/list]
]often does stupid things if you use fierce hadoukens from full screen;[]vulnerable to jab hadoukens until jump forward (just so he eats a SRK) when cornered[]jump-in-happy overall;[]SRK-happy overall.[/list]
]won’t punish if you just use cr.forward as footsie attack;[]won’t use st.forward and short, making your life easier[]because of those, just use cr.forward, advance, cr.forward, on and on and SRK if he jumps in, if you wanna win easily;[]you can use the walk up cr.forward xx hadouken strategy from the real game;[]extremely vulnerable to fireball traps, even from full screen away.[/list]
Chun Li[list][]zone with hadoukens and rush punches so as to be at the end of her jump arc to SRK[]often does a kikouken after a jump back, watch it out so as to punish with super[]watch out for jump ins that cross you up: SRK will whiff[]she uses df.roundhouse at bad moments, just don’t fuck up when punishing it, e.g. having it hit a cr.forward or roundhouse for damage and knock down.[/list]
Dhalsim[list][]does not use the drills well against hadoukens, so they are good options;[]does a reversal throw every time if you try meaty cr.short, rush punch or whatever, so don’t[/list]
T. Hawk[list][]also vulnerable to the cr.foward/SRK pattern;[]after he jumps in, attacks and does a cr.forward, he will always jump back and dive, so you can always have a SRK waiting for him[]his jumping roundhouse will miss crouching Ryu[/list]
Fei Long[list][
]if he enters “win mode,” any hadoukens will be countered by a first frame jump in combo, so forget about them if he is acting that way and close[]the “win mode” is when he counters everything immediately, it can be dealt with if you crouch block and do a SRK when he jumps in[]rush punches and such on wakeup are unreliable, sometimes he reversals, sometimes he does not[]vulnerable to jab or strong hadouken/sweep patterns[]doest stupid things if you tatsu so as to switch sides and he wakes up, but then it gets way too easy[/list]
Dee Jay[list][]will often fuck up jump is from a distance if you use the strong hadouken;[]will time his jumping forward so that it will not cross up (so you must block backwards);will fuck up if you do tatsu on wake up.[]because he always times the jump in roundhouse late, you can counter it with jump up roundhouse at a certain height that it hits cleanly.[/list]
]will punish close hadoukens on the first frame with hooligan throws;[]often screws up if you cross her up with tatsu or do a safe jump after a knockdown[]vulnerable to jab hadoukens when cornered[]often does badly placed jump ins or hooligan combinations (empty jump, sweep when she lands) from long distances if strong or fierce hadoukens are used, sweep;[]often blatantly jumps in if you just sit back and block, SRK her for a knockdown.[/list]
Boxer[list][]do not use far cr.forward xx hadouken if he has bar;[]after a TAP, he always does another one, use SRK or fierce to stuff it;[]he is easy to safe jump and often accepts good combos due to not blocking[]he will not rush right after getting hit by a hadouken, so just fire another one to eventually dizzy him[]rejoice, he does not abuse low rushes like real boxers, just take care of his sweeps when spamming cr.forwards or whatever and that’s about it.[/list]
]always attacks when he approaches, often with cr/st.strong; because of such predictability you can beat the attack with a SRK;[]never jump in after a sweep, it is impossible to safe jump after it and he does not need to charge to do the flipkick, which he will;[]falls for a simple pattern: jab hadouken, strong hadouken, sweep; rinse and repeat.[/list]
Sagat[list][]uses some high tigers when close, punish with, e.g, st.fierce;[]he is N.Sagat, you can punish his predictable low tigers with jump ins;[]has trouble with projectile wars, if you are not already winning, jab hadoukens should turn the tide and force him to jump or fuck up, i.e., get hit[]may use walk up tiger uppercut to beat cr.forward or roundhouse, watch out[]often blatantly jumps in when close, have a SRK ready.[/list]
]falls for jab hadouken, SRK or sweep after;[]falls for the old fireball trap (meaty jab, jab, fierce);[]often falls for (somewhat) far jap hadouken, fierce hadouken, due to trying a head stomp too late[*]he is Dictator, so you can jump in after he is knocked down and there is not much he can do about it.[/list]

Well, since I ain’t used to my new stick, my game dropped to shit and I pretty much never reach him anymore, but here is what I still remember:[list][]there is a certain distance such that he jumps in, does the air fireball and it misses after you crouch, and then he will try a red fireball, which can be punished by a jump in B&B combo;[]if he is a bit closer, you will get thrown. Cry;[]he jumps in more than he should, have the SRK ready;[]use the air tatsu to dodge the double air hadoukens from a distance, use your own hadoukens when you can;[*]get ready to throw or soften the throw after he uses st.short.[/list]

Hope it helps.

If your playing Ryu the AI won’t block a jump in deep strong after a knockdown, so it’s always a free combo.

Ken’s roundhouse kick won’t be blocked 80% of the time by AI.

Guile can deep jump with Jab and combo the AI most of the time after a knockdown.

Whiff Chun Li’s neck breaker into throw.

Akuma throw an air fb that misses and throw the AI ! on knockdown just stand next to the AI and do Rh hurrican kicks as the AI is getting up

Claw is mindless low roundhouse slide forever !

Blanka fierce slide like claw !

Deejay keep throwing out low strongs or forward, the AI will jump…do up kicks repeat.

Fielong Rekka from max distance on knockdown AI.

Yeah your are talking about the Gamest SSF2X video…that have a section of CPU exploits :slight_smile: it’s was released on DVD along SF2:AE Collectors Edition. (I lost mine :frowning: )

You can actually beat Balrog (USA) by using one move: sweep. At the beginning, just wait for him to rush push you, sweep him for the knockdown. The next part you have to time just right, but just as he is getting up off the floor, you can sweep him again. For some reason he doesn’t block, so you can do this repeatedly over and over. I assume it works in all versions of sf2 since it works in hyper fighting and super turbo.

I’ll repost this:

You can beat Cammy, Chun, Fei, and Ken by simply blocking their attacks and waiting for them to jump at you. Blanka and Hawk too, though they can be a bit trickier as they like to grab and are harder to hit out of the air. I guess Honda fits in this category too.

Boxer is easy as you can just hit him low.

Claw and Zangief are the hardest characters for me. If you face Gief as the 8th characer, it’s super hard.

Dhalsim, DJ, Guile, Ryu, and Sagat are guys you need to be more offensive against.

Akuma will often jump back, then jump forward to air fireball. For characters without a long range move, you can walk forward as soon as he jumps back and combo/throw him as he lands from jumping forward.

The real question is why the hell your playing the AI in the first place. Just play on GGPO/2DF/find someone to play against you. ST AI either…

A. Makes me laugh by letting me win with stupid shit or
B. Drive me insane by all the completely retarded shit they can do.