Paul E. Niemeyer facebook

hello everyone paul and niemeyer the creator of the first mortal kombat arcade logo of the 90s well here I show you some interesting photos for you to look at your facebook this says

let’s go over Portland …
Voodoo Witch Doctor hat-check
Evil Ultra-cool International Super Villain glasses: check
Smartass Attitude- check (and recently I installed the “Wise-Ass 2.0” application!)
Peace Sign flipped

I thought about getting on the plane like this, muttering spells and spraying imaginary dust on everything, but I didn’t bring bail money.
My 3 'long silicone large intestine was a great success for safety, and the TSA agent had to take it out and mess with the other agents at 5:12 am! Hahaha How nice I was in no hurry!
I had never laughed at TSA agents before! That is first!
I’m ready Portland Retro Gaming Expo !!!
Let’s break it!

Here is an interesting photo of his Facebook

nice photo with thumbs

here I have an interesting photo mortal kombat iva call it dragon atackk

This picture says A few weeks ago, I was digging and I found an amazing story of Mortal Kombat. The piece here has my notes on the compensation work of John Tobias, written during the meeting when they gave it to me as a style guide.
Since then, there has been an incredible amount of interest in these pieces. The Strong Museum has asked me if I would consider donating this for the Mortal Kombat exhibition in the Video Game Hall of Fame!
I have been overwhelmed by requests to have a copy, so I am offering personalized and autographed prints on an Etsy page.
Use this link to buy an impression.
Thank you all and

here is another interesting photo on his facebook says
with daniel tim and paul

this photo is great with daniel pesina with paul niemeyer in mortal kombat arcade

Well, these photos are what I like the most. There is not much information about Paul on the Internet, but he creates arcade logos