Paul Heath @ Evo?!

Will we see Paul Heath this year for HDRemix @ evo???


im sure 2 other person would LOVE to have a grudge match against him on the big screen :wgrin:



Ah, your choice of word is a striking coincidence! (cliiick)

I truly would love to play him for a lot of $$$. I love new competition.

I knew that cat was lying in the videos when he said he had no idea how to play SF or whatev.

and my money would be on him.

how much money we talking about here? and would you bet on paul vs any other players such as me, choi, valle??

Aaaah, this shit is starting to sound soooo hype!!!

How bout $500 for st and $350 for sthd? And it won’t be one game but first to 10. Let’s do this. Shoot, I will drive up to frisco to play him anytime you want. We can do it wherever: keystone, svgl, golden gate bridge, Alcatraz. Let’s take it back old school.

LOL, 1 match single elimination anything can happen…especially in ST… but Jubei, you have to be stupid to think he’ll last in any first to 10 or an actual 2/3 match tournament. You can line up the money matches to the poorhouse if you think that’s the case.

From watching him play, I think he is good, and knows the game, but I don’t remember seeing too many combos out of him. I think in a rematch, Graham would destroy him with Boxer, and I think some of the others like Valle would wipe him out. I don’t know though. Maybe he was holding back a little. Let’s hope he shows up for EVO 2k9. Also, his name is Paul Eath. minus the H.

Not saying Eath only uses Guile, but I have much experience against Guiles that are direct descendants of Tomo’s Guile.

LOL, its naive to think he is going to mop everyone based on the fact that you’re talking about a single elimination tournament one match. You seriously have to be kidding me. Dude wins one match in the final vs Graham and he is Tomo reincarnated? Thomas Osaki = 10 times the Guile, and it’s one match. Jeez. Graham Wolfe is a great player, but anyone can get beat one match, ST is a dangerous game. 2/3 double elimination? Very different circumstances.

$500 on shirts vs Paul Eath at Evo. Let’s bet it, son!!

Derek Daniels

rofl. ill be willing to give huge odds on anyone who seriously thinks this guy can beat top players. i dont even play anymore and will offer this dude 3-1 easy for $500 minimum in ST. ill bet on choi, valle, afrolegends, graham/alex wolfe, shirts, jason cole, jason nelson vs this dude for some serious cash lol. and regarding the tomo comment, dude cmon… a few have come close, but there is no equal to tomo.

There will be an upcoming San Jose Remix tourney on December 20th, wonder if Paul Eath will show up. Especially since John Choi will be there.

Derek Daniels

does anybody even know this guy?

it was just a matter of time until this thread exploded lol… i bet paul eath comes to srk and checks forum everyday and just decided to strike one day lol this is so interesting…

its not interesting actually. its just sort of like “find the sucker” and see who can collect free money. laggy tvs, jap sticks only, 1 game elim. figure it out…

That’s right, I almost forgot that you had to use whatever stick/pad they provided you and could not bring your own.

Also, I don’t care what anybody says about HD TVs…there is no way I would trust them on ANY 2D game…even if they are optimized something never feels right unless the HDTV is CRT…3D Games it’s not going to affect much, but try playing fighting games on those things…wow…too much of a risk of trying to find the “right” TV set.