Paula Deen fired from FOOD NETWORK for racial slurs

One could argue that this is not shocking considering her roots, but after all the damage shes done to Americas arteries, perhaps it was warranted.
Part of the court case alleges that she wanted to hold an antebellum themed party, and that the blacks servers would dress up as slaves.

  1. Who the fuck is Paula Deen?
  2. Who the fuck watches The Food Network?

I think that she should run with it. Like, there are so many bland, boring chefs and cooking shows out there, preparing, bland, boring frou frou dishes. I think there is a huge market of fat, racist Americans waiting to be pandered to.

I always felt like she was one of those types.

Oh well, it won’t effect her money at all. the South will still hold it down for that old biddy.

  1. A fat , old white Southern woman who uses a lot of unhealthy cooking techniques to display Southern Cooking.
  2. Its better than rap music at least . YAHHHH

Racism is gonna live on forever, I dont even care nor get affected by it. Just sit back and laugh.

besides alton brown food network sucks but its nice to see this big orange blob losing her job. she seems so replaceable anyway. who doesn’t have someone in their family or knows someone who makes really tasty food just cause they dont give a shit about adding tons of butter and fat?

I’ve been awaiting her downfall since she started pushing diabetes meds. It’s like the Marlboro man pushing chemotherapy drugs


“she also admits she once suggested to an assistant that she hire middle-aged black men to dress up in white jackets and black bow-ties for an old southern plantation wedding. she says it was a look from the civil war era, acknowledging it was when black slaves waited on white people, but says she didn’t mean anything derogatory.”

Paula Deen for next season of Masterchef.

Food Network kicks ass. There is no genre of television show that is not instantly improved with the addition of cooking.

Except for Guy Fieri. That dude can go to hell.

I agree food network is pretty legit, everytime I see it there is always this british guy that looks like he’s Abel’s cousin, and he’s always going in on peoples shitty restaurants. pretty hilarious.

Paula will get a brand new show, and brand new endorsements after this blows over. Isn’t that how it goes. Look at Don Imus and Dog the Bounty Hunter. She’ll be on air within 18 months.

lmao first time I ever heard of her was on Master Chef US, something about her didn’t sit well with me, now I know it was my racist detector going off. She is meant to be on this season of Master Chef (according to the previews), I wonder if they will axe the whole episode now lol

EDIT: I realized I’m actually many episodes behind so she may have already been on the show this season

Guy Fieri is the only reason I even contemplate coming to your silly country.

To eat really unhealthy, incredibly meaty food.

She hasn’t so far…but I did see her in the preview for this season’s Masterchef US.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox edits/omits her episode due to this.

Actually…I should be less surprised if Fox keeps it going.

Her face is disturbing. Like she would melt in the summer and keeps herself cool with the souls of black people white teenage girls.

Guy Fieri is a Bears jersey away from being a Superfans character

Well, with the AMA declaring obesity is a disease (lol), not only is Paula Deen apparently a racist, she’s probably also a murderer. Providing you don’t count all the people she gave diabetes to.

Paula Dean makes a mean peach cobbler, we tried her recipe an DAMN!!! (ron simmon’s voice)

Eh, it wasn’t even that racist. That is just old white lady racism, and a super duper soft case of it.

People are just bored. I am watching the daily show and they are making a big deal about it right now.