PAX 2010 Console Tourney Help Thread


It’s that time of the year again. This time around I’m looking for 10-15 volunteers to help out over the course of the weekend. First up, the details:

-PAX 10 takes place from September 3rd through 5th, at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle.

-As part of my staff, you will receive an Enforcer badge that grants you access to most of the Expo for all three days. Enforcer shirts are also available, provided we have enough.

-You will only work for me, on whichever days you are available. Console tourney duties include:
[]Running brackets.
]Overseeing bag check.
[]Assisting PAX attendees.
]Fetching me coffee.
And more!

When volunteering, please consider that you’re not just getting in for free. I will give you plenty of time to see and enjoy the Expo, but on the condition that you’re available when I need you.

Also, not everyone who volunteers will get in. Right now I’m limiting my staff to 16 total, with multiple spots already filled by people I’ve talked to beforehand. Obviously this might suck if you haven’t yet bought a pass. Unfortunately the 3 day passes sold out before I was planning on asking for volunteers, and for that I apologize. If you didn’t get a 3 day pass and don’t make it onto my list, I highly recommend buying a Saturday pass ASAP for two reasons:

  1. Saturday has most of the big events.
  2. The SSFIV tournament will take place Saturday afternoon/evening (schedule still TBA).

One final note: Even if you’re attending PAX as a regular attendee, feel free to come see me if you’d like to help at any time during the Expo. I can never have too much help running brackets or checking bags.


Here’s the list of names so far:
NOTE: At this time I’m giving priority to people I’ve spoken to in person. If you’ve asked me about working at PAX this year and don’t see your name on the list, please post up or contact me directly as a reminder.

If you’ve not spoken to me before, you should still post. Remaining spots will be first-come, first-served.


oh pick me! pick me!!!


but seriously I had a great time helping you out last year.

though I may wear this


I’m down to fetch you coffee Rob if it means me getting a badge :slight_smile:

No, but seriously, I asked you a while ago and I’m still down to help!


I heard mandel wants to help…as does Super Joe…


Frank: Could you get confirmation from Jesse for me?

Mikhail: You’re already on the list.

Dave: Are you available for all three days?




Hahahaha! That’s right dood! You got swine flu!!


You know I am down to help out Rob. And I should have the Sunday off as well this year so can hopefully help out some more.

I may also be able to bring my equipment for recording matches if you would like to go that route. I certainly don’t mind and depending on how you want things we could get the finals or something put up for PAX.

I can also bring my laptop if for any reason we think we need another one. THough I think your laptop is plenty to make up brackets and such.


I’ll help out if there is still room



Seriously though, I’m willing to help out with the tournament and junk.




rob! i wanna help! fae too!


Josh: Will you guys be available the whole weekend?


Willing to help & I would be available the whole weekend


edit never mind. i will buy a pass and attend on saturday.


I’m available Saturday and Sunday to help out. PAX is probably going to be super buff this year, considering all the games on my; stop looking at trailers, the game isn’t out yet dumbass list.


I got my 3 day pass like months ago. So I’m good to go for the con. I can maybe help when I’m there though. Does PAX provide all the gear you need for running this? Also what console is it running on?


I wish you guys the best, I won’t be able to make PAX this year.


Yes Rob i’d like to “enforce” this year.