PAX 2010 (Need a helping hand from anyone attending)

Hello SRK Boards,

I have been on the SRK boards for over a few years now (since SF4 release), I am still a noob in my book though. :slight_smile:

I wanted to make a friendly community request of anyone attending the PAX 2010.

Riot games will be attending the event, promoting their game “League of Legends”. They are giving out some promotional codes for free skins/items in game.

If possible I would greatly appreciate if someone could snag me a code or two. It would mean a lot to a fellow board member, and further go to show why these boards and community are immortal!

EDIT: Link to show the game site, announcement, etc…

Thank you very much for your time. If anyone does happen to grab a code, feel free to PM my account and we can discuss the details further via messenger, email, etc…


Best Regards,


Also I will pay $$$

i would like this too will do same with the $$ >.<

Aww I thought there would be more SRK members attending PAX 2010.

Here is hoping someone can pull through, as I am very interested in getting these skins!

Many Thanks!


Any luck from anyone at PAX?