PAX 2010 Seattle


Who is going this year? I grabbed a 3-day pass and will bring my stick to the big game room they’ll have setup. Any official or unofficial fighting game tournaments or other play opportunities expected?


As usual I have to work it. No way I’m going to get the days off to actually attend. I guess I can’t complain too much, it’s a fun show to work.
Excited to see Guild Wars 2, MvC3 (sort of), and any other new fighting games that are coming out.


I’m going! last year I went without a 360 fight stick but everyone was nice enough to lend me theirs. I met mikhail there too :open_mouth: i also thought i met a girl =x


Ill be there!


I’m coming up from Portland. I’m sure there will be an official SSFIV tourney. Bringing my PS3 + Monitor and sticks with me too. I hope Capcom has some cool stuff (I’m sure they’ll be some version of MvC3 playable, though showfloor lines usually suck ass).


Hopefully I can go - let Chris (GC guy) and I know if we can be any help with running the tournaments. I know he’s talked ti you about it already


LOL “thought” you met? :rofl:


I’ll be throwing a $100 Paper, Rock, Scissors tournament. Best underground PAX2K10 tournament around sukka!


I’ll be there. Anyone going to need/want a hotel room? I may be able to get one for 180 for Friday night to Sunday morning split among however many people end up sleeping in it.


Got my 3 day pass. PAX is always fun. Nice playing you online last night Stricnine.


Got my 3 day pass already. Hopefully they have a lot of random super tournaments like last year.


Definitely going, all 3 days. Sooooooo stoked for the Protomen!


LETS GO, i want a rematch muther fucker!


Holy shit. Like $100 entry fee?


Oh yes the protomen should be good.


Does anyone know what day the SSF4 tournament will be on? I can only get one of the 3 days off to attend, so I want to figure out which one I should ask for.


Wow, they actually sold out of the 3day passes already before I got mine :frowning: But it’s all good, I’ll break into the place if I have to.


Lame. was just about to buy mine. If anyone has an extra 3 day let me know!


Roberto, lemme know if you want help of course. :slight_smile:


Argghhh!!! I hate postponing… 3-Day Passes are out…

But I still plan on going. Will try to get myself locked in for 2 days. Last year I went for work, but absolutely loved going to PAX and was wishing I had gone simply as a gamer. This year will be that opportunity…

Well… still have to really clear it with the wife first… but I’m sure she’ll be okay with it. I hope :stuck_out_tongue: