Pay equality: a Left/Socialist (bruv) agenda


…Or would you say that the Right/Capitalist are ever greedy and that the notion of “sisterhood” or feminists are trumped by the all mighty dollar (survival of the fittest(richest))?

I am a little shocked at the republican women voting against but all i saw this a means to clear up some ambiguity in the workplace. I mean you can still have unequal wages because you can still justify the difference in pay based on performance or experience, which are justifiable.


I heard you hate women. And say bruv a lot.



Equal pay for equal work is not just sensible, it is ethically imperative.

Then again, so is just profit.

As opposed to the egregious abuses, dishonesty, and outright villainy that perpetuate the ever broadening gap between the “have everythings”, the 1%, and the wage slave serfs, the other, disenfranchised 99%.

Until the latter is fixed, the former reeks of insignificance.

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Obviously not a bruv.

Regulate is just holding it down for BEWD. They don’t hate women, they just don’t put up with bitches getting all crazy when it comes to the law.


I am watching Avengers. The episode with Hank Pym AND Scott Lang. Not one bitch was pimp slapped.

Waste of time.


you’re confusing a woman with a piece of shit feminist, they are not the same.


Isn’t the whole “piece of shit” thing, a trifle redundant?

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perhaps it is. It actually is.


I’m with CLUdoken. Bread and circuses.


Is it misogynist if I don’t think pay differences between men and women is entirely a matter of discrimination?



I can site a psychology study that says on average a guy in a co-ed group will be more funny than a woman. Same study said that most women also use more self-deprecating humor <- doesn’t exactly breed thoughts of respect. This study was done by a woman.

I think this indicates the real reason a lot of time women get paid less. They are less buddy buddy with the higher ups and when they are mixed with the higher ups their presence isn’t as enjoyed. This leads to negotiations where the person on the other side is less inclined to give you favorable terms because they simply don’t know / care about you as much.

It’s not like all GUYS doing the same work make the same. It just happens the average woman makes less than the average male. Also most women start at same pay at least in engineering so that indicates to me the discrepancy comes later but not when entering the work force.

Kissing ass is a life skill that must be used wisely on occasion and requires knowing the fine line of coming across as a funny awesome friend and a kiss-ass doormat.


Can you explain better than just some anecdotes on how pay discrimination based on gender exists? (especially something so loosely correlated as gender tendencies regarding humor)


I’m totally a chick then.

[LEFT]"Republicans opposed the bill for different reasons. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]signaled Monday night[/LEFT]

[LEFT] that he wouldn’t support it because he thinks it may burden small businesses."[/LEFT]
That sounds like bullshit to me. I can’t think of a single reason how giving women equal wages would hurt small businesses, that effectively would mean that raising minimum wages would hurt small businesses. As I see it.

[LEFT]"Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told reporters Tuesday that he didn’t think the bill would do the job and said it “reads more to me like some sort of welfare plan for trial lawyers.”[/LEFT]

Wow, that is just plain offensive.

[LEFT]“In other cases, it may be due to personal decisions that women make to leave the workforce to raise children for a number of years and then return to the workforce, for example,” Collins continued. “I don’t think you can assume discrimination.”[/LEFT]

Um, what the fuck? Apparently women are dropping their jobs left and right to raise their children. That isn’t exactly as easy nowadays as it used to be. These people seem a little out of touch. An astounding prospect, I know. : \

Even if that were true that still has nothing to do with the bill at hand, sounds like the person just said the first thing that came out of their mouth without considering that…fuck it, I’m too tired to explain, the person that said that is a moron, period.

[LEFT]"House and Senate Democrats have [/LEFT]
[LEFT]slammed Mitt Romney[/LEFT]

[LEFT]for saying silent on the issue"[/LEFT]

He only responds to money being thrown at him, big surprise.


The kissass thing is anecdotal but the rest is pretty plainly laid out as a theory. Never said it was fact. Just using facts to suppose a theory for other causes then pure bigotry using that study and life experience as a framework.

Guys are typically funnier / enjoyable to be around in large groups according to an official study. If your not funny, people simply like you less than the funny outgoing people, that’s just a fact of life. This means people are less willing to give you a good deal during negotations because they like you less. Everyone’s worked somewhere where a guy who does less work gets paid more because he’s more buddy - buddy with higher ups.

Bigotry probably does unquestionably have some affect, though. I know people in business owning positions that have literally said shit to me like “I’d hire him but I don’t want a nigger representing my company”. I assume there are some he man woman haters out there that have power, but I can’t imagine it is truly so rampant it skews the pay of all women in America. In that case it’s more likely they just wouldn’t even get hired than get paid less if the person giving them the raise truly didn’t want them there … they wouldn’t be there.


Hard to be funny when you are a self centered and introverted cunt that either thinks that you should get a free ride for your looks or are too busy trying to be Miss Hardass to everyone that isn’t giving you your way.


For the most part, modern day Republicans are anti-woman, anti-middle class, anti-democratic (small d), and anything you can think of (I would say the same thing about modern day Christians). No one, that follows politics closely, expected this to pass. Of course, for the most part a majority of people have no idea what’s going in the country or who’s paying for and buying elections, so it’s all good.

The bill is worded “performing the same work” not “having the same job” because, in a country where women are becoming bread-winners in many families, when women are receiving less pay for equivalent work, many families are going to find it harder to make-ends-meet. What’s next? Minorities, the disabled can also be paid less for equivalent work? Oh wait…

Of course not. There’s no issue with pay discrepancies if there are legitimate reasons; this is where crazy liberals and some (if not all) Unions are at fault. In a perfect world, skill/productivity would determine what your compensation; the facts state otherwise (not only for women, but for minorities as well). The bill is worded carefully to make sure that you’re comparing “work” not a position or job.


I can’t believe this tired old song and dance is still a matter of public debate in spite of the HUGE body of evidence which debunked pay equality or the wage gap like…nearly a decade ago lol. Good ole politics, you never let me down:)


I’m sorry, both pay equality AND a wage gap have been debunked. Well… you may want to re-word/think that.


Your right sorry I should have said the wage gap has been debunked and anything pertaining to pay inequality, my bad.


Interesting do you have a link by chance? Would like to see that.