PBS: Generation 'LIKE' documentary


Anyone else watched last night’s Frontline show, Generation Like? It’s about how corporations are harnessing social media to promote their products etc and how kids these days are literally whoring themselves out just to be ‘liked’ and be sponsored.


On one hand, it’s a great tool for up and coming ‘underground’ group/band/performer etc to get notice but goddamn, I can only imagine how these kids will react when no one is watching/paying attention to their activity anymore. That bit with the mother whoring her daughter out is just cringe-worthy.
Not going to lie though, the whole construct seems perfect for companies-why not use your fans to do the marketing for you?


with all the great choices to watch, and your watching PBS lol


What I don’t get are all these kids that pay out $50 for a t-shirt that has nothing on it but a company logo. YOU’RE PAYING THE COMPANY $50 TO ADVERTISE FOR THEM.