PC 2012 Update

Did anyone else start AE on their PC today hoping to play 2012?


Yep and it’s released.

It’s up. Unless you have the Steam Version, that’ll come on Thursday. See: Capcom Unity or either of the other two SF4@PC Threads that are right below yours.

Ah, crap. I do have the Steam version. :’( Why is there a difference though. I’m still using GFWL aren’t I?

Yeah but… apparently there’s something different. Don’t ask me. Someone here posted that Steam users who really want the patch could download the game from the GFWL-Store and activate it with the SteamKey, but I can’t guarantee that’ll work and am not sure whether it’ll be worth the hassle.

Downloading atm.
I bougth the game from steam, but a friend of mine has the “box-version” of the game (non steam). I installed that game from my friend on my computer and added the key steam gave me to GFWL. Works like a charm.

Updated, good to go!

Steam version updates through that. So there’s probably an extra validation process for the game.

Steam users have to wait till thursday because capcom is too derp to make one pc version. So while my friend who bought the game recently for 20 bucks gets his update today, I who payed full price and bought dlc on day one wait till thursday.

I swear steam wants me to go to origin or something. At least EA is updating their games asap.

Okay well I don’t think I’m reinstalling for it, but there must be a way to just get the update even if you are on Steam. If someone finds out let us know. I’ll try looking myself in the mean time.

There is no way. Retail downloaded the patch via GFWL but capcom made the steam version different.

I like how crapcom advertised that they would be updating the PC version today with no mention of steam being a seperate entity and then today acted as
if steam isn’t on PC.

You can get the regulation file but the game will still desynchronize. I can wait for the game till Thursday, The only real thing I’m interested in right now is the regulation file. I want to see what they nerfed/buffed without telling people.

Well, this is crap… and I really want to forgive Capcom since it’s their first PC game, including SF4, but this is crap…

I like how you guys at making Capcom the bad guy here for a late patch to steam. Steam are they ones pushing it out later for their users.

I don’t get the hard on people have for steam, but they goofed up.

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im gettin on right now imma fuk yal up LOL

(Ishki O Sora Ni)

edit: nvm aint nobody on this bitch fuk it

If you have it on Steam and don’t want to wait:

Just pirate the Retail version of AE PC and use your CD KEY from Steam to activate it.

My friend has AE PC retail already so I could just go grab his version and log in. GFWL now adds your cd key to your account like EA does so you can log in on any pc if the game was installed. Bad company 2 does this so I used ea as an example. Its there way to stop piracy I think.

Last update(v.2012) did not include all the fixes(1.07). waiting for new patches.

lol really?