PC AE Costume DLC. Where is it?

So far it doesn’t look like Capcom has said anything about the PC dlc that was announced to come out on the 8th. It is still not available. I was looking forward to the new costumes and slots to add more mods. Has anyone heard anything?

Actually, they mentioned that it will be released on 23rd.

Yeah it was what I heard … :frowning:

No they said people who bought AEPC (WITHOUT STEAM) will get the DLC on the 8th.

People who bought AEPC thru Steam will get the DLC on the 20th of something…

basically capcop fucked up

May it will depend of the time.
USA time or whatever …
They still have some hours to release it.


You aren’t comprehending. Read exactly what Capcom posted officially.

So you have your copy of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition fired up on your PC, but you want to play as cowboy Ken or chef El Fuerte? [COLOR=#3366ff][SIZE=7]Then July 8th is the day that you’re waiting for, as non-Steam versions of Arcade Edition will have costumes available to purchase. We’ve grouped every character’s alternate costumes into 8 different packs. Here is a table with each pack’s name, along with a list of characters that belong to each pack. Click the table for a larger, more legible version. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

lol Well it seems you didn’t what I mean.
I do understand what it said. No need to yell buddy. I just suppose that may talk in pacific hours and not GMT …

Um…regardless of the time zone, it is still July 9 today. It is July 9 across the entire USA. The dlc was supposed to be released July 8. Trife88, apparently you and I are the only ones who seem to care about this. You’d think Capcom would be eager to get our $15…

I’m not yelling, I just expect a company such as Capcom (Who has been in business since the 80s) would of handled such a small task better. The issue I’m having trouble to understand is the fact GFWL has the full game ready for purchase which is 50x larger than the DLC itself. So why wasn’t the DLC up for grabs with the full purchase of the game? It makes no sense. I’m trying to remain loyal and not get the DLC that is already on my computer and change it myself. Their freaking lucky I’m dumb enough to buy the same DLC I bought for console for PC. I’m done with this.

Sven just posted this on Capcom-unity:





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MS was supposed to have the, propped last night and they should have been available from within the main menu. I haven’t seen that it is or isn’t personally. If it isn’t I’ll have to have someone speak to MS on Monday.

That is unless you purchased from Steam. In that case it’ll be a few more weeks before it’s available there.[RIGHT]Translate[/RIGHT]

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So apparently it’s Microsoft’s fault? Either way we obviously won’t see a resolution til at least Monday.

Don’t give a shit. I work 40 hours a week and I wanted to spend my weekend modding skins. Now I can’t.

No, life won’t end but it’s the principle.


Anything that has to do with the actual marketplace, and items going up, is not up to Capcom. Someone from Microsoft has to put the items up. This problem is due to someone at MS effing up, and probably going to get reprimanded hard for it.

Doubt they will get punished. And I still blame Capcom for trusting Microsoft.

Knowing Microsoft they got it and was told to release it the 8th. but they will just put in for the normal Tues release of all DLC. Yea for Trusting microsoft!!!

Well hey, at least they put the game up in the marketplace! Yes, that’s right! Now you can purchase another copy of the game while you’re IN-GAME. Hell yes!

WTF is this crap.

Sounds like a VERY likely scenario. Guess we’ll find out Tuesday. I hope.

It is up finally. Just downloaded it.

So I downloaded it and it didn’t do anything. Marketplace says its 22.09kb, that can’t be right.

Pretty sure the DLC is already on “disk”, so this is just an unlock key.

Either way, it didn’t unlock anything.