PC AE Costume DLC. Where is it?


I bought the game via steam and just downloaded and bought the costume pack via the GFWL client.

Nothing unlocked. Called support, they don’t know why. Probably some issues with authentification.

They said the steam one is coming later, this is non-steam only. Are you both using steam?

SO I downloaded the common client from piratebay for street fighter, installed it and the costumes were available.

You cannot have them through steam though, but the steam key works with the .iso.

This situation is frustrating. I entered the game today and checked for DLC. It opens up GFWL marketplace for me and tadah! Costumes are available.

Nowhere did it indicate that the costumes would not work for me due to the fact I was using steam. Given that GWFL is used in-game, I had no reason to suspect that buying the costumes on the GWFL marketplace would result in me NOT being able to use the costumes due to also using steam.

I feel like I was deceived and my money stolen.

Yeah, all 103 costumes are already sitting in your game directory. I had a ton of fun with them.

Mine is up and working. I bought mine directly from Capcom.

Hi guys -

For those of you who have the Steam version and have bought the costumes through the Steam GFW store or through the GFW site, the costumes will not work (I know, stating the obvious). We have been working with Steam to get the costumes prepped and ready for release on their store in the next few weeks, so please hold tight as we finalize things.

As for those who are looking for the costumes and have non-Steam versions, they should be live both in game and available for purchase here (http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/Games/ssfiv-arcade-edition/).

I have the same issue, got the game from Steam and I can’t use the DLC from GFWL. I’m installing it from an .iso to see if that will do the trick. Will report back to confirm.

EDIT: Yup, it worked. =)

I wonder how they manage to either give the money back or find a solution to transfer the payed dlc from gfwl to steam…
Or if they don’t do anything and just say: Can’t you read? Steam has it’s own dlc. :smiley:

And for those who have purchased the GFWL pack for their steam version?

the GFWL marketplace has a non-return policy, I already asked. People who don’t know that you can download the .iso with your steam key are poor bastards. you couldn’t really have thought that of thousands of people noone would try to use their gfwl package on steam.

Seriously man, just download the .iso from somewhere (PM me for where), uninstall your Steam version andinstall from the .iso. Throw your key on there from Steam and you’re golden. It’s a stupid work around but better than having your arms crossed, pouting.