PC AE Sound Mod - Arcade Vanilla Sounds

So I was tinkering around with some files and just like in vanilla pc, I had to have the old block and fireball connect sound fx on AE. Nice semi-throwback w/ a bit of new. Nice blend, but still nothing beats a cab. If I could get some feedback/requests here, I’d be more than happy to post up the file.


Finally uploaded csb file:

I like the part where you linked us the downloads.

I don’t remember any of these sounds being in vanilla PC, and I played it just a week ago. You edited them further?
I’d really like those exact same sound effects from vanilla, though. That would be neat. Don’t really like the new block sounds.

I stated that these are from vanilla arcade. The console/pc sounds are different, and were carried over in super/ae.

Oh, yeah I read your post wrong. What are the filenames you replaced? I would like to bring over some SFIV sounds to my AE.

requesting the files plz, arcade sounds were awesome, I’ve no idea why they changed them anyway? prefered the vanilla arcade portraits aswell, yes they are different!

File added in first post. Enjoy!

NICE! Thanks for the update, does the old Vanilla announcer still play in this one?

I did not add him, seems like it wouldn’t make sense because he wouldn’t be able to announce the new characters names.

Yea it works great, blocking sounds a little loud but I guess thats just part of the difference, I am using it.

I love the sounds! The blocking reminds me of kung fu movies.

Glad you like them. Nothing beats having the real files from Arcade Vanilla. I figured since I got my hands on it, why not just swap them in. Hopefully Capcom will one day realize there’s no need to mess with a good thing in the future. There fireball confirm sounds way better than the watered down mess they threw in post AV.

Any other sounds you may have noticed in AV that aren’t in AE? I can locate them and also swap them if they are worth having. Thanks.

how do you install? :slight_smile:

just back up the original file and put it in here:
C:\Program Files\CAPCOM\Super Street Fighter IV\resource\battle\sound

thanks! i was looking in the archives\battle\sound for some reason, was going to upload a before after video but my comp is messing up running ae & fraps i guess.

Someone mentioned in this thread that the armor breaking sounds are different in the Arcade Version as well. By the way, thanks for doing this, I’m loving the Arcade sounds.

You’re welcome. I will look into the armor breaking sound differences.

Checked on that armor break sound. Pretty much the same. Nothing significant to warrant a swap. Any other arcade vanilla sounds that may be different?

Okay, thanks for checking. I actually never played the arcade version so I don’t know if there are other sounds that are different.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you make an updated arcade sounds mod for vanilla pc? I tried the version 4 mod from the vanilla pc thread but it doesn’t sound as loud and crisp as the one you did for AE pc. Thanks.

You bet. I’ll post up as soon as I complete it.