PC AE Sound Mod - Arcade Vanilla Sounds

Cool, thanks! Looking forward to it.

Here is the modded Vanilla PC requested by Alpha Tango:

Thanks again supdawg79. I really appreciate it.

You got it. Did it work okay for you? I haven’t tested it out myself.

hi, i was wondering if you guys could whip up a mod that had the sounds of street fighter 2 for the original cast like ryu ken chunli etc, for their special moves and hit confirms etc… that would be really sweet. … also is there a way for the mods to work on steam version

I’m not sure but I think the fireball connect sounds are not working. They don’t sound like the fireball connect sounds from your AE mod. The block sounds are working though.

I will have to install Vanilla PC again to test. That may take a couple of days or so if you don’t mind waiting. Sorry about that.


Here is a video I quickly made to show the different sounds.

First half is without this mod, second is with this mod.

Also you will see the Fireball lighting fix I posted here in action in both halves of the video

I don’t mind at all. I’m just thankful that you are working on this mod. Sorry for the trouble of having to install vanilla pc again.

I look forward to this too

Did they keep those sound orginal arcade sound affects for the arcade version of AE. Much perfer them myself. Nice mod.

I remember reading about this before. Someone mentioned on a forum or blog post to the developers that the arcade version sound a little different. Developer was suprised he even noticed. Said the change was made to accomdate the different levels of background noise at home compared to the average arcade.

Either way, the Arcade sounds are way better, esp the projectile hits.

Was the old announcer sound bit removed?

Just got my hands on AE Taito X2. Going to start modifying my PC version some more now that I have the Arcade version. Any requests other than the start screen everyone’s been asking for?

Nah, this would be nice though :wink:

Ive just remembered I downloaded this a while ago without even giving you props for this Supdawg. So let me thank you again for bringing this to AE, been using that since vanilla and it sounds even better here. Keep up the good work !

Lol, can I get my name changed to my XBL handle?

New update guys:

Some of you were probably wondering why they stuck the console announcement on the start up screen on PC. Well, I took the liberty of correcting this, and with the custom start screens that have been created, you can have a pretty nice little start screen of your own with the newer announcement on start up. Feel free to try it out and let me know if there are any issues. Be sure to rename your current file by adding: .old
Located in: resource->ui->sound->se


Someone already beat you to doing that in the PC modding thread :wink:

Just compared yours with theirs and they are identical

I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago.

This video shows the other persons version…

Man, that makes me sound like a mod-nazi, I am not trying to be.
I just thought you would like to know this mod has already been done.

Nice! Glad to know there are people thinking the same thing. Didn’t see the DL anywhere, so I figured just throw up the csb file and let people decide on what start screen they prefer. Thanks for the vid.