PC and XBox360 Sharing Same Controller


Hey tech gurus,

I’ve read all the stickies, watched all the FA videos and STILL have a question (or two).

I just finished up a 4Player cabinet/control panel. My plan is to use the control panel with both a PC (for HyperSpin) and a JTAG’d XBox360 (for modern fighters, shooters, etc).

I have four MadCatz FightPad PCBs that have been wired out to euro-style (screw-type) connectors.

My goal is to leave the controllers plugged into both the PC and XB360 (or a hub) and switch between the two without unplugging anything. In a perfect world, the PC will always be on - and once the XB360 fires up (the PC will send an IR signal) - the controller automatically switches. When the XB360 powers down (again, via IR), it switches back to PC.

I can’t figure out if I’m best served by using an IMP V2 or a PS360+. Also, I’m not sure if these will have an issue running more than one control PCB once they hit the PC/XB360.

I should also mention, if the MadCatz PCBs are an issue - I don’t necessarily have a problem scratching them using something different if it provides a cleaner/more reliable setup.

Ok, I’m sure there will be lots more questions. But let’s start here. :slight_smile:


I don’t think either boards (ImpV2 or PS360+) will help you in this case.

The PS360+ is mainly a controller board that “knows” which console it’s hooked up to; I can’t imagine what it’d do if you had it hooked up to both the PC and X360 at the same time.

The ImpV2 is a selector board where you can use it in place of a 2-inputs/1-output USB selector. I don’t know if it’s possible to have it run the other way around (1-input/2-outputs) and have your IR signal trigger the switch. Again, just a thought, and I’m not even sure if such an operation is possible, and it’s definitely not official supported. How is your PC doing the detection that the X360 is being turned on and off to send of the specific IR signal?

What you want is essentially USB KVM-style selectors, one for each of your controllers, and maybe run them through a hub. The problem with a hub comes down that I don’t think the X360 is necessarily consistent on what order it polls/registers each controller to their player number assignment.


Thanks for the response!

So the PC will send an IR signal via a program called EventGhost - this will be a BAT/EXE that is triggered when a game is selected via HyperSpin. IR will turn on the XB360, an FTP command will load the game and presto - game time.

I have thought about and tried a KVM switch - but the controller was not having it. I would just get a flashing green XBox light with no response to either system. Not sure if that’s because each signal “bleeds” through the KVM or perhaps it was the particular KVM I was using. In either case, as much as I’d like the KVM to work (it seemed to be the easiest/cleanest option) I’m thinking it’s not gonna happen.

Any other PCBs out there that I should be looking at?


Realistically, you won’t get anything easy for plug and play when it comes to having one controller for both systems. What you need is to have 8 PCBs and a front end signal multiplexing going on.

You could use opto isolators and have your button/stick on the input side of 2 opto isolator circuits per input, and it would ghost across both PCBs without cross issues. There’s also multiplexers that allow you to do similar with a single input to 2 outputs but selected, but I don’t like the idea of ground/signals from two separate systems interacting so it could get somewhat complicated in either condition.

It’d be like a low level KVM but on the button side of things, not the USB side of things. A good KVM might work for you, but I think you’ll have issues.