PC/Android Fighter Thread


Lets talk about tomorrows gaming right now.

This is not a thread for anti-console flaming, but as the main producer of chips for Sony/Microsoft (Nvidia) has said, consoles may not going to last the next waves of hardware. Nvidia is stepping into the game with their Shield, and Steam is moving toward the android platform as well. Fighters look better obviously on the PC, and now with PC gamers starting to notice the genre more (you cant even get a copy of Blazblue on Steamtrader as they are all instantly installed) and demanding better netcode, if companies respond we may see a push. Not to mention, the consoles this gen are a very close architecture to PC, developers will suffer less on ports.

The APM of some Dota 2/SC2/LOL/etc players when tested on a hitbox could be a nightmare to behold in an MLG setting.

So lets discuss PC fighters here. Anything being released, in general, whatever.

I’ll start by saying that Virtua Fighter 5

Would be absolutely awesome to have on my Steam library.


I’ve sent tweets and emails and FB messages about gettign VF on PC and to no avail here we are very sad


Segas been promoting it again, I think they will turn. The problem is in the demand, and I think hitbox will be the breaking point. KB/M players are the fastest on the planet, which is why consoles never share servers with PC users.

If pc gamers are given a controller they want (NOT a joystick), that may do it. I can honestly say, once i get my hitbox built I’ll be buying almost any fighter I can get. Hitboxes are the natural fighter controller for the pc user. The left hand button positions can even be in the wasd layout if u want.

At the end of the day money is the big question, if they see dollar signs in the PC market we’re in. They release to consoles when only 3% of the console gaming market is fighters. If PC can make that percentage then the cost/risk will be in our favor.


Piracy kills it doe…


I think you’re overestimating the HitBox. People will play fighting games because they want to, not because of some controller.

Also, APM doesn’t directly translate to being good. Alot of times, part of winning is not pressing buttons. Look at how SnakeEyez played his matches at Evo, or the moment in UMvC3 winner’s finals when both Justin and FChamp were barely touching each other.


Every discussion about pc gaming does not have to equate to a discussion about piracy

PC gaming is currently a 21 billion dollar industry no one gives a shit at this point