[PC] Any way to run two instances of SFV on the same computer?

Would be nice to alt-tab right into training mode while the other instance searches for matches instead of waiting for the character to finish popping off after I get bodied and then going through the character select loadscreen before I can play again.

I’ve tried installing a pirated version to another directory (I paid for the game on Steam, okay?), renaming the .exe and running it as a different user, but no dice. I’m running out of ideas short of running the game in a virtual machine, which I’m sure would lag like hell and be useless.

Anyone know how I can do this?

I guess one of the instances would have to run offline then (since you wouldn’t be able to log into CFN on the same account twice).

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do. I have an install in a separate directory and drive. All I want to use it for is training room while my paid Steam copy searches for matches, so instead of waiting for everything I can do right back into training room and keep playing.

I guess you would need to take into precaution regarding the user data folders when running two different instances of street fighter on your pc. (setting changes etc).
As you said the easiest thing to do is to run the game on a seperate device or using a virtual machine with different input devices (Or the same if it works).

OH I don’t like the sound of that at all.

If you could you run two instances and log in with two different accounts fight yourself and lose on purpose…

I don’t like the sound of that at all.

That’s not what I’m saying. The second instance wouldn’t even be capable of signing in online. It would run in the background and be entirely benign while the other instance is online searching for games.

To your point, what’s to stop someone from doing the same thing with a PS4 and their PC? Or two PC’s/PS4’s for that matter.

I’m trying to avoid needing to get a PS4 to do what I’m trying to do here.

@Jaded_Buddha Do you really think a person is gonna be able to find themselves over and over again and keep doing that enough times to get to even bronze? It would’t work like you are thinking lol. The most you would be able to do is transfer points, and that would take forever.

@greatlakes_pvp Could you not set up a Lobby or whatever its called and just play against yourself to farm XP in turn farming in game currency. That is of course if you get xp when in the lobby mode or whatever its called.

@prodiG In your case you would be spending 60$ US or 80$ in OZ for a second copy of the game. So you would be better off just buying Zenny or whatever its called… maybe not in the long term but still, in order to exploit it would be a costly exploit.

They’re not doing it to fight themselves. It’s already stated that the other copy will run offline.

I am not trying to scam points. I just want to alt-tab into training mode instead of waiting.

Please, stop discussing the hypothetical implications of playing the game while waiting to play the game. Come on.

If you’ve tried anything, successfully or not in the effort of trying to get multiple instances running on the same PC, please post your results.

I still haven’t figured out how to get two instances running. Thinking I’m gonna have to talk to some Unreal Tournament guys or some devs familiar with Unreal Engine 4 to find an answer.

I get what this thread is about don’t get me wrong. I was just saying… slippery slope…

Running it on 2 different machines is just as easy, so it’s not a slippery slope. I can run the game on my ps4 and pc. Who cares lol.

@d3v I know that. I was replying to someone else who thought that was what people wanted to do.

Can’t have my cool mods on PS4!

Just saying… Slippery slope!

Slippery to what? People already can have 2 instances running on separate machines, and what is the possible exploit from it? There isn’t one. Not one worth bothering about. If someone wants to farm FM, they are going to do it whether they run it on 1 machine or two lol.

Sounds like hes up to no good.

Try running it on your PC and then in a VM. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work.

No it’s not, unless you can also rig the matchmaking to consistently connect you to your other client.

@Kwyjibo You could use the lobby as an XP Farm.

But seriously I’m not trying to get on anyone’s nerves… and yes you could do it if you bought a second machine, just with a second machine it’s a very expensive exploit. And you probably could do it with a VM.

And y’know maybe I’m wrong… and I’m not try to saying anyone in this thread is trying to exploit… Just saying… slippery slope… Especially if future updates let you search for online IDs for ranked matched, then just rematch, rematch, rematch…

ONCE AGAIN, not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, and I’m probably wrong in my opinion. Personally I think they should let you just drop the online player after a match and let you practice against the last character you fought in the same location to save loading times. Because that’s what kills me.