PC: Arcade Edition online lag issue

I recently sold my ps3, and bought AE on steam.

My issue is that the game runs perfectly fine (60plus fps), but when i go online the game slows down to a underwater lag fest (oddly, the fps still clocks in at 60fps).

When i played on ps3 i never experienced much lag, but now i can’t even play a match -_-.

Is the issue my pc? or is it my internet connection?

If your FPS is up at 60, and your CPU usage isn’t going overboard it is most likely ether your network or the server you are trying to connect too.

its probably because you set your option for frame rate at VARIABLE.

change it to FIXED and give it a try again. i did that a while ago and it made leaps and bounds, from 100% of my games being laggy to 1 out of 15 games lagging.

edit: that’s a good question. where is Sean?!

I set it to variable and now it runs smoooooth.

Thanks for the help.

I’m trying to find Sean everywhere! he usually appears in second impact where he was good :frowning: