[PC Arena] 7/12 SF4 Evo Practice Tourney Results

Hi guys!

A big thanks to everyone who showed up today. I had a good time running the tourney for you all and I’m super glad everything ran smoothly! :smokin:

Without further ado, here are the results:

1: Sanchez (M. Bison)
2: Sin (Rufus)
3: Vicious (Rufus)
4: Slick
5: Shizza
5: Minh
7: Bebop
7: ShglBMX
9: Duy
9: AJ
9: KillerKai
9: Nasir
13: Dentron
13: PimpWilly
13: Tom
13: Luka
17: Colin
17: Robb
17: Jeff
17: Charlie
17: Richard
17: Justus
17: Danny
17: Jerry
25: Rommel
25: Ien
25: Tonycrust
25: Jason
25: Bob
25: Josh
25: Sherry

Once again, thanks to everyone who came out! <3 After the Evo fever has passed we hope to run some more regular tournaments…

Jeremy AKA Vicious! WOOHOO. Just in case you see this bff, wsup. <3

GGs everyone!! Sanchez you gotta teach me how to handle those rufus’!
Vicious rufus sucks man T_T. <3

sanchez you suck
except today

Thank you again to PC Arena for hosting. It was extremely well ran and you did an awesome job Simone. ggs to you.

After this, my goal before EVO is to learn the Chun and Rufus matchups. Please HAYLP.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. We’re all here to help eachother.

P.P.S. I’m high.

hey GG to everyone, i got owned because i was super nervous (first tournament) and cause i suck. shglbmx were you the guy in the black LRG shirt?

gg’s everyone.

Good experience for me, it was my first tournament :smiley:

Hope to see more in the future, thanks for running such a smooth and organized tournament guys

First tournament as well, was dying from the heat! GGs to Rommel, Sanchez and Slick though (was the Balrog).

Who was the young Ken player? I have a feeling that guy is gonna get pretty good.

that’s what i was wondering too…who’s that ken player? the prodigy with the EVO bag!

GGs to everyone at the tourney.

Sin your Rufus is too beast. Should’ve just let me win and gimme my Top 8 at my first single SF4 tournament.

Props to Bebop and your Vega as well. You’re so beefy that you can pound the board and press the 2nd player start button when you’re on the 1s player side. Good shit.

Good shit to Sanchez and Sin!

Dirty Sanchez with the Bison tricks =D

Good work on running the tournament Simone!

Sorry I couldn’t make this tourney guys =(
I’ll make the next one for sure!

17: Justus


hey you posted.


gg’s to everybody

im definitely down for more tournaments in the future

first and foremost i wanna thank the haters:

  1. MINH!

thank you. lol

ggs to everybody, especially to sin who was the only one to send me to losers and eliminate me in general. i still have alot to learn

sorry to shgl for going full out filipino on him -_-

and HI JOHN aka ERICKSONNNNN aka NorCal BFF! lol

i did this for Dannielle Tayone :smile: <333

great turn out. ran smoothly and was pretty hot.
Next time ill check my buttons better, and stop losing to nasir. -_-
more overheads.

im sick at getting the winner of the tournament 1st round

1st game of cvs2 evo 2k6 - kindevu
1st game of cvs2 evo 2k8 - choi


GG’s everyone! It was my first tourney experience and definately not my last. I think I’ll bring those caps with the mini fans next time.

Good job Sanchez & Sin & Vicious