PC Arena's $1,000 monthly series

*Ever wonder why competitive gaming is so underdeveloped in the U.S.? Three main reasons:

  1. Those who have the financial capability of putting plans in motion have NO IDEA what to do. (and ALWAYS screw up when they try)
  2. Video game business is doing well? Great!! Time to buy a new car/girlfriend!
  3. People with great ideas have NO MONEY (all too common)*


Introducing PC Arena’s $1,000 Monthly Series for SSF4 :karate:

Tournament Description:
These monthly tournaments are strictly designed for the dedicated players who show up and practice publicly. Somebody will win $1,000 EACH MONTH. Please read the following tournament rules carefully.

$1,000 monthly Tournament conditions:
1) The tournament each month will be capped at 32 people*****

2) Each day you play at PC Arena you will get 1 point

3) At the end of the month 32 people with the highest point totals will get in the tournament. In case people tie for the last position/s… a mini round robin qualifier will take place amongst the people in question.

4) You must attend Wednesday Night Fights to be eligible.
Which most of you do anyway.
If there is a problem with you being able to attend, you must present your case in person.

5) Tournament spots can NOT be substituted to another person.

6) Tournament will be double elimination with EVO’s ruleset

7) Each new month is a new tournament, thus all points will reset the day after the tournament.

8) Every Tournament will take place on the last Saturday of each month unless specified. The last day to earn points will be the day before the tournament.

Simple, eh?
Now I’m sure this will upset those who don’t like coming outta their caves till the the day of the tournament… well… tough shit.
Building a stronger offline scene only happens when people are active… so this is my way of rewarding those who are active and help the competitive gaming scene grow.

If I see that somebody is abusing the system I’ll adjust it accordingly.

Tournament cap may increase depending on how many dedicated players there are.
My intention is to “weed-out” those who contribute nothing to the offline scene/meets, not make the dedicated people fight for position. If you are dedicated… you will get in, I’ll make sure of it.

Keep in mind that there may be unforeseen issues with this. I’ll do my best to make sure everything runs smoothly.

***104-A1 N Raymond Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831
(connected to Albertsons… Speedy Cash is on the corner) *

1:30pm - 4:00am (or later if you want… no biggie)

** All day venue fee $5
BYOC (bring your own controller/setup)**
I have an xbox setup with SSF4… use that at your own risk. I don’t really feel like discussing lag and such again.

Shop Rules:

If I see OR smell liquor you will be banned… if I can’t find the violator the night will end prematurely for everyone. I will call the police if necessary.

Okay, so you got a doctors permit to smoke this shit. Good job! I’m sure your mother’s very proud of you. Keep it away from my shop. I don’t want to see it or smell it. Violators will be removed. If I can’t find the violator/s the night will end prematurely for everyone.

I don’t know who it was last time, but the barf is supposed to go INSIDE the toilet, not on top of it.

There’s a toilet 3 feet away… barf in that.

I can’t believe I have to put this here… there’s NO reason for this… perma-banned and police involvement… you suck at writing.

I have a trash can for that… if you can’t find it for whatever reason there’s a nice one just outside my doors that I pay $500 every month for…

I understand that shit happens sometimes, just let us know when it does. Nothing is more frustrating then finding out after everyone leaves. We’re not 10 years old anymore.

Next tournament date… JULY 31


Hello Will

Hey everyone,

I’m bringing 4 set ups tonight and should be there around 8PM.

See you tonight!

ill be there

Long time no see, Will. Thank you for opening up shop for us. I’ma try and make it later tonight, and as I’m sure folks can tell you I definitely appreciate you open late!

i might not actually make it

awesome!!! this place is so close to my house, will def be there!

i’ll be there getting my ass handed to me :tup:


nooooo… theirs always d&b at irvine spectrum

incoming nostalgia

Guys remember I only have 4 full set ups.

Can anybody else contribute?

I can bring a setup, Mr. Valle but it’s on a big 32’ TV is all I’ve got… and my stick is in the “shop” right now. It’s a 360, and I’ll probably be there at about 9:30 if I go grab it. Is that ok?

It’s not as lag-free as the Evo setups but it’s a setup nontheless. I’d be glad to help, let me know.

Also what time do you plan on staying until Alex?

I’ll be there around 8~830 ish.

Ok, well I’m planning on leaving Riverside at 8, I have to pass Fullerton to La Mirada, pack up my stuff and head back so I’m expecting 9:30 on my end.

I’ll bring my stuff, minus my stick. I’m sure people will have sticks there they can use for the station.

Are you planning on being there until 4am like Will said it’s open until? Lol, I’m just trying to gague when this is going to shut down. I figure when you leave, most people will leave or crowd around 1-2 stations and I think that might be a bit of a disaster… but that’s just me.

I’ll try to bring an EVO set up if I make it out there later on tonite.

Yeaaaaah, that’s what I like to hear Andrew. All I heard was “I’ll be there later with and Evo setup.” You better deliver!

what are you talking about… you can’t hear anything… you mean… all you READ was… hahahah… We’ll see, I’m still stuck at home babysitting.

The Box Arena would like to invite everyone for the next 2 saturdays to San Diego for our SSFIV events

First up on Saturday on June 26th, continuing our SSFIV 2vs2 Ranbats comes the 3rd round of our season. With SD’s Best ShadyK being the point leader and most likely winner of the End of Season Pot which is at $630 and still growing. There’s still a chance to knock him off and claim the Pot for yourself! Tournament and Stream start after 7pm PST - http://shoryuken.com/threads/240171-Box-Arena-SSFIV-2v2-Ranking-Battles-1.3-San-Diego-CA-June-26-2010

Still need tournament experience before EVO? Would like to be apart of San Diego Fighting game history? The Box Arena and Level|Up would like to invite you on Saturday on July 3rd for *FIGHT! a *SSFIV Singles Tournament. The whole San Diego Fighting Game community will rally together to fight against SoCal’s best for the last big tournament before EVO! Shankar Tablada will be there filming for San Diego section of his SoCal for his Road to EVO documentary be sure to be there to be a part of EVO history! Tournament and Stream start after 5pm PST - http://shoryuken.com/threads/240989-Box-Arena-presents-FIGHT!-SSFIV-Singles-Tournament-San-Diego-CA-July-3rd-2010

Hope to see you guys there!
For more information - http://www.theboxarena.com/

Fuuhh just woke up…Damn my random sleep times.