PC: Aspect ratio, and windowed-mode

First off, I don’t know why we lost the option to set our own preferred aspect ratio.

Secondly and more importantly, I’m having a lot of grief from the game constantly setting/ resetting the window size to whatever is set in the Options menu. In my case it’s 1400*900, but I shrink it a tad, so it will not overlap my Windows task bar. However, whenever I proceed to a new screen, it will revert to its original state, as if I had just gone back to the Options menu and set it anew.

Is anyone else bothered as much by this as I am?

I guess you could select your aspect ratio in the config, there is a “Aspect=Auto” there at least. I just find it annoying that I have to use ShiftWindow to set it to Windowed-Fullscreen. Don’t get why it’s not ingame…

In a config file, you mean?

I just want windowed full screen too, only not overlapping the damn task bar, but positioned above it just as any other friggin’ normal, not-retarded program.

So, does everyone play in full screen? Because if you play in window mode, then surely this must be a huge pain in the ass for anyone else not playing full screen too?

I still can’t find a solution to the problem

There’s probably a way to define the exact position and size you want it if you use some sort of launch options, but I dunno… to be honest, I don’t find it a pain in the ass because there’s nothing on the bottom of the screen worth seeing. I leave it in windowed mode and don’t mess around with the size or position.

Yes, but when it overlaps the Windows task bar, it prevents you from clicking to another program, like Internet Explorer, while waiting in line in the Endless battle lobby.

Every time a new match starts, the program sees it fit to refresh the window size. I just don’t understand why on earth it does this. It didn’t before in vanilla, and I absolutely cannot see why they decided to program this in now

This never happens for me with the game in windowed mode. It stays in the position I put it in and at the size I select in the options, and I switch the resolution rather frequently because sometimes my brother wants to play me and we use the TV which is 1360x768, and after we’re done I drag the window back to my monitor and switch to a 1600x900 window\ on a 1680x1050 screen and it always centers itself perfectly.