PC Beta version FPS drop?


Hello guys, since the official forums are down, I decided to look for some help for my problem here. I got the beta version of Skullgirls, and everything plays fine and dandy. The game runs perfectly with a high fps, but after playing for anywhere from 5-10 minutes, my fps tanks all the way down to 1. If I alt tab out of the game, and back in, my fps returns to normal. Playing for another 5-10 minutes, it happens again. I’ve tried running in windowed mode, full screen, half screen, nothing seems to fix my problem.

I was wondering if anyone else seems to be experiencing it, because so far my research has turned up that this problem is unique to me. Any input in my situation would be greatly appreciated. I really wanna play this awesome game without having to pause the game to alt tab out every 5-10 minutes.


And this happens only with Skullgirls? Have you tried tweaking with the resolution or other video settings to see if it helps?


Yes it happened only with Skullgirls. For the oddest reason, I tried playing again the other day and it happened once again but for some reason this time after alt tabbing it stopped. And it stopped for good. I didn’t tweak any settings, and there wasn’t a patch during this time. Not sure why it’s fixed, but I’m glad it is.

  1. Are you running it on a toaster(actualy question)
  2. Are you on a laptop?

  1. No
  2. Yes

It’s a decent laptop for gaming, if that’s what your wondering.


Speaking from personal experience, play it with your charger plugged in. That or mess around with how your laptop saves battery capacity.
When it doesnt have to worry about conserving energy it goes into full blown performance mode.


I pretty much always have it plugged in, and even if it isn’t I have it set to use maximum performance on battery anyways.
But thanks for the advice.


Post your system specs so we can see what we’re working with; your standards for a toaster may be different from ours. Most of the time it’s a driver issue so you may have to update it. Also if possible try to monitor your laptops temperature. I had the same issue in other games and it was due to over heating, but it’s different from your case since your FPS consistently goes back to more after alt tabbing back in. That said SG isn’t a very intense game, so it’s not necessary to have a beast rig to run it so I doubt that would be the issue.


Actually laptops can get really hot if they are on a fabric surface, including clothes. Like I play with my laptop on my bed, and after 2 hours I have to turn off my laptop to make sure it doesn’t melt or something. It gets hot while just browsing the internet as well but not to the same degree as when its running SG. Your laptop doesn’t necessarily have to be working hard to overheat. Just the fact that its running a game with a worse exhaust system than a desktop on a surface that conducts heat can be the root of many issues


It’s not my laptop guys. My drivers are alway updated. I properly monitor my laptop’s temperature. It’s operating at perfectly fine temperatures. I can run games like planetside 2, crysis 3, and so on perfectly fine. But the discussion is moot, the game now runs perfectly fine, as I have noted above. There’s no point in contributing to this anymore, since I haven’t encountered anyone else having the same problem. If you have, we can continue this.


2d backgrounds + fullscreen + wired connection = good experience on my cheap 2 year old aspire w/integrated graphics

I was having a lovely time until they decided to not let me use my joystick any more.