PC: Black L, White Square game screen

Alright everyone, this is a really weird problem I’ve encountered and I know of one other person on the planet who has it and we haven’t found a solution, so I’m hoping the Shoryuken faithful might be able to help me out with this one.

Anyways, the games menus and what not are fine. Everything is smooth, music is crisp, it’s perfect. I go into character select for any mode and everything is fine. Stage select is fine. Then boom, loading screen hits. The left side of my monitor is perfect, I can see everything. My character, the fire, and the name. But on the left side all that is visible is the opponents name and the other half the SSFIV loading symbol. The rest of that side is white. Then the match “loads” to which I hear everything fine, the music is going, the announcer yells “FIGHT” and I hear the characters move, jump, kick, punch on command but I can’t see anything. Think of the monitor as 4 squares. The two squares on the left and the bottom one on the right is black. The last square, or the top right of the screen is white. When I press start on my controller the menu comes up and I am allowed to exit, and are taken back to the main menu.

I’ve changed screen resolutions, and that match screen always stays the same but on the loading screen 75% of it becomes loaded depending on the resolution, which if you go by my 4 squares method, the black “L” shape is filled with the character pictures and what not but where my opponents head and shoulders are supposed to be are completely white. My max screen resolution is 1680x1050 but I don’t run on that. I’ve tried but it’s the same problem. I currently use 1280x764.

I have the latest version of DirectX, my PC is well above the minimum requirements, so it’s really frustrating to have this happen. The game loads perfectly on my Laptop but it isn’t able to run it because it isn’t good performance wise which is why I’ve gone the desktop route.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.