[PC] can't play online, help me?

I clicked on that Live menu, it told me that i should be connected to the GFWL, but i already am
i downloaded both steam and games for windows marketplace and i’m logged in both of them, but i still can’t play, can you tell me what should i do to play online? it keeps telling me that i’m not connected to games for windows live.
thank you, looking forward for your answers

Perhaps you should show a screenshot so we could understand the situation.

here you are my friend

You may try connecting by pressing the Home key. It will pull up the GFWL menu and then all you have to do is to click on the Connect button. If you have not set up a GFWL account yet, it will ask you to either sign up or sign in.

that’s awkward, because my home button opens firefox’s home page, even if i’m on SFxT

Did you press the home button on your keyboard (the one that looks like a house)? That sounds like what is supposed to happen when you press that button. :slight_smile: If so, try pressing the “Home” key (should be next to or above “Insert” or the “Home” button on your controller or fight stick. Also, make sure your Live Sign-In Assistant process hasn’t been stopped by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape and verify that it’s in your list of running processes. If not, we can go from there.

i’m reinstalling the GFWL now
wherever i press this home key


i find myself in a firefox home page, and even if i go to that “live” menu in sfxt, nothing happens :confused:

I have nothing on the task manager that’s about Live Sign-In Assistant, i just installed the windows live essentials and rebooted my pc, but seems not there

Yeah… you’ll want the “Home” key. Like I said, the XBox Home button on an XBox controller or fight stick, or the MENU button on a PS3 stick or controller, or the actual key that says “Home” on your keyboard. The button you showed above takes you to your home page in your main web browser, so that’s what should happen when you press it, even in a game.

What I mean by Home Key is the one which comes in every standard keyboard. Not every keyboard has those buttons that you have shown in your screenshot.

So this is what the “LOL” button is for…