PC Community with a bit of salt


I’m completely dumbfounded over these messages I’ve been getting. I’m not the best nor will I claim I am fairly awful but when I queue up vs someone with a full connection where it lags and ports what am I to do? I know it’s not everyone but with a small community can we not be a little less disrespectful to the losing payer what happen to just saying GG?
There’s no need for things like this
I’m also practicing in training and reviewing material avail here to help improve my game but it is that much of a crime to play online for a bit?

Now I’m looking for fellow players to have some friendly match ups with to get some more practice with. If anyone is up for it thanks in advance

I’ve been using Chun li x Cammy and Ibuki x Cammy if anyone has any tips or advice on these combos or major flaws I’d be very glad to listen.


I know that dude, he plays Akuma / Guile (run away fashion). Just use the gfwl-ignore function or enjoy the show, your choice.

I can play on the weekends if you’re interested, Tag is Schuhu93


Aliktea is suspected as a lag switcher in SSFIVAE. It’s no surprise that you’ll get a message from him as he’s already notorious for that.

Look at this. I found it in this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/any-way-to-get-microsoft-or-capcom-to-ban-cheaters-in-gfwl/150004/10:

You may also visit this link and have a blast: What do players message you after you beat them - SFxT EDITION! :smiley:

So he’s making a bloody ruckus in SFXT? I guess he’s ran out of playmates in SSFIVAE. I better avoid him and thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I also play on PC and we might cross paths someday, although I’m still in the learning phase in the fighting game genre myself. :slight_smile:


Sure thing I’ve added you

Yeah the lag was beyond awful I wasn’t able to do anything :frowning: I wasnt aware that you could do something like that in SSFIV whats the point of playing if you just cheat you way through? It’d be cool to run into you online XD Feel free to add me if you want Sseoni is my tag


Check PC SFXT - Recommending Competition for some good PC players


What happened to the players on PC SFxT’s Asia region? It’s the weekend and I thought there should be more people online, but I’ve been seeing that same 2 people for days now, and both of them are kind of new so they won’t play with me. Seriously anyone playing this game at all on PC?


I’m still playing the game, but usually I spend my time practicing, watching replays and uploading some of my matches in YouTube, and a few ranked matches (usually once per day, I’m still struggling in maintaining my composure during ranked matches. It’s like working in a call center queuing for your first call in a shift).

Now it made me curious. Have we met in ranked before? Is Chun-Li/Asuka your team?


Yep I’ve played you a few times before, and you’re correct that’s my team with Chun Li/Asuka. Unfortunately I can’t play with you because the lag and teleporting is just too much to handle. The last time we met, I just went ahead and play in spite of the lag, just to see your skill level. :smiley:
But how did you know that’s me anyway? Really good guess? lol


Your name has three Chinese characters, and your GFWL gamertag has 3 syllables which made me think it’s the English spelling of your Chinese name. So far that’s my only clue. :smiley:


Haha very clever. :rofl:
The video description is very flattering, I’m glad that you liked our matches too. But I ain’t kidding about the lag and teleporting issues lol. In that video I pretty much gave up a little and started pushing random normals and air attacks after the first round, trying to predict and catch you off guard or something. You may recall me quitting a few times at the ranked lobby, because the teleporting was pretty bad. Real unfortunate because I can tell I’m going to like playing with you if only the lag wasn’t there. Maybe I should try that weird fix posted in another thread, but being an illiterate at computers I’m afraid I’m going to break something lol.


Nothing we can do but feel sorry for a loser like Aliktea. People like him and kaxbastard are just no-life idiots who try act tough in the virtual world but are soft pansies in real life.


Yes, we just get to fight once in a day although we met each other several times. Initially I thought that’s your gaming policy that you only face opponents once per day. :smiley:

I’m glad that you like the video. I removed them here in fear that I might have offended you. :frowning:

The best thing to do with those scumbags is to simply avoid and ignore them. Once nobody is paying attention they will soon die out never to be remembered again.


No no it’s all good, in fact I’m happy that someone finds me a good enough opponent to be recorded and studied lol, so thanks for that. I just tried the TP/Vsync fix posted on another thread. I’ll play with you the next time we meet, hopefully it helps with the teleporting issues I’m getting.


I’m glad about that. :slight_smile:

I’m having a bit of doubt with the VSync thing, as it slows down my gameplay when I benchmark it. Maybe I’ll try it in versus mode.


The Vsync thing doesn’t really do anything I’m currently using it with 2 GTX 670’s in 2 way sli running maxed at 60 fps(Vsync on) and I’m getting the lag and porting issues. I’m fairly sure it’s not my connection either I have a stable 60 mbs it’s not great but pretty good imo.


I see. :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve been browsing some replays and saw one of your matches (I think you’re using Ibuki and Cammy at that time). What caught my attention is that you beat a rank B’s ass while you are still at rank D. The rank B seems to be capable of beating you but he went cocky I think, which gave you an opportunity to soften him up for a Yoroitoshi. A high-ranked player getting beaten by a rank D is a surefire way to produce salt. :smiley:

I have been watching and saving those upset matches to condition myself to never underestimate beginners and low-ranks. I think I have your match saved in my collection. :smiley:


lag switch and teleport glitch, could it be any worse?


We could have no sound xD