PC Compatibility discussion thread

Since there so many posts and threads asking about PC compatibility I felt I should make the effort of compiling it all into a single thread.
I going to focus mostly on the various Windows OS, as Linux and Mac OS is a slightly different ball game but if you know any Linux or Mac solutions please contribute.

I will cover as many areas as I can. Feel free to add to the list.
Lets keep the info up todate here, so when it comes to the older Mad Catz TE sticks and UHCI issues, the PCI solution is no longer as viable as it used to be.

Source Links

[] The old “MadCatz PS3 TE FightStick on Win7 32/64-bit” Thread (out of date)
] Mad Catz Releases XInput Drivers for Street Fighter V Products



Other Talking Points
[] UHCI issues
] Xbox One driver issues
[] Xinput issues
] Street Fighter V (PC version only)

Please remember that It is the end user’s responsibility to see to and to carry out proper implementation their own repairs and modifications. Ultimately the end users hold responsibility for how they implement their own repairs and mods.

Layout in the Devices and Printers test settings.

PS3 controller/stick:

X360 controller/stick:

Will update with PS4 and XBO later.

Okay I going to tackle the issue that is the most relevant first, PC compatibility with modern games, software drivers and such.

What is currently compatible for PC out of the box with zero software or driver installs/downloads?
The “current on the market” PS3/PS4 controllers (all models) as they are HID Plug and Play devices are generally PC compatible devices and should work on every Windows OS since 98, Mac and Linux.
That said older Mad Catz TE arcade sticks, those which are made before the original TE-S are not universally compatible. I continue with this on the UHCI discussion.
Also the new Hori Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC controller should work perfectly when set to PC mode and is Xinput Compatible.

Please keep in mind, even with the drivers installed/preinstalled with a new device connecting to the PC for the first time your Windows PC is going to go run Driver installation.
This include Plug and play HID class devices.

Controllers that would need some driver or software installation
Xbox 360 controllers should all work and run on most modern Windows OS installations. Windows XP will need drivers downloaded but I know from Win 7 and up the OS should have the Drivers preinstalled.
Xbox One controllers will need a driver install on most OS with the exception of Win 10 which has the driver preloaded.
Mad Catz now offer Xinput software and drivers for their current line of PS4 arcade controllers.

**Xbox One arcade controls issues **
If you haven’t notice the Xbox One drivers were never intended for 3rd party devices. Xbox One Arcade sticks will have their RT and LT buttons not respond at all.
Your stick is not broken, this is a driver issue. The Xbox One drivers are design to treat both trigger buttons as triggers to a single analog axis and not two separate buttons.
You can manually rewire your stick to move the LB button to where the RT button is and force to go with a 6 button layout or you can replace the PCB with something possibly more compatible.

Microsoft will simply state that any issues with a controller is the manufacturers device and not them.
The controller manufacturers will state its ether Microsoft’s fault or you should only use the controller for the system it was intended for (and imply its your own fault).

**Street Fighter V **
I do not have Street Fighter V for the PC (I do have the game for the PS4), and I not going to keep up with Street Fighter V for PC. You guys can fight among your selves (j/k).
As of time of writing Street Fighter V PC version is only compatible with the keyboard and Xinput compliant controllers. Were waiting for Capcom to fix this oversight.
That Includes the First and third party Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers, any PC controllers that aren’t Xbox compatible that Xinput compliant, Mad Catz’s current PS4 controllers (with software/driver downloads) and the latest Hori 360/XBO/PC arcade controller (set to PC mode).

Reversed Space for later


Just btw, the Xbox 360 has the exact same axis layout as the Xbox One.
Triggers are both mounted to the exact same axis. (Z axis - and Z axis +)

Here’s a picture of my first gen Xbox 360 controller (Ignore that it says xbcd, I’m using the MS drivers atm, not the XBCD drivers. It just says XBCD even if you uninstall it! I only use XBCD for stuff like Silent Hill 2/3, which REFUSE to accept the Z axis, so I map it as buttons).

I’m holding down right trigger on my Xbox 360 controller.


The problem with the Xbox One driver is that it doesn’t even send the PC a valid input for the Z axis! It’s not even mapped to anything. would probably be a 5 minute fix if Microsoft weren’t too busy to fix their drivers…

I think it’s worth noting Direct input and Xinput. The differences, what takes them, how to get around games that only support xinput, etc.

Here’s a program I’d recommend to make any Dinput device read as an xinput one.

For the record, the exact Hori RAPV “Xinput” reference is XBO-010U !

An interesting tweet about Madcatz’s Xinput support: https://twitter.com/MadCatz/status/720664547628085249

It could be a technical limitation, or they don’t want to dedicate resources any further.
Also I imagine I that they have to pay licensing for Xinput

I was wondering if my “intel p75/b75 express” (at least I think that’s what I have. CPU-Z is telling me “Ivy Bridge”) chipset is compatible with the PS3 TE or if there’s a way I can find out before I buy?

Its not that the board has to be intel, it if the board supports UHCI protocols within it’s hardware.

Looks up “Intel p75/b75 express

I checked the board specs, its a USB 2.0/3.0 board.
These 3.0 chipset boards aren’t UHCI compatible, there isn’t that many devices that are UHCI compatible on the market anyways (even back in 2009). Most of the USB 1.1 devices are OHCI.
UHCI is not even apart of the 2.0 specs as its a USB 1.1 protocol and didn’t get carried over to USB 2.0 and 3.0 (USB 3.1 is right out).

If its a newer (made in the last FIVE (5) years) board or USB PCI card it is not UHCI compliant, even Intel gave up on UHCI a long time ago.
UHCI even required a license from Intel and specific UHCI driver software. If you are running a 64-bit OS you going to have major issues with UHCI anyways.

UHCI - USB 1.1 - Intel proprietary protocol and requires a license (works ass backwards)
OHCI - USB 1.1 - Open Source and free to use
EHCI - USB 2.0 - Open Source and free to use
XHCI - USB 3.0 and 3.1

USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1 (OHCI),
USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 (EHCI) and USB 1.1 (OHCI)

Nether USB 2.0 or USB 3.0/3.1 is compatible with UHCI. No one wants to pay the licensing for a obsolete rarely used protocol.

Your best bet with a OLD Mad Catz PS3 TE is to gut the PCB inside and replace it with a modern PC compliant PCB.
Perhaps one that utilize the Xinput controller API from Direct X.

Hello everyone I recently bought Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on a Steam Sale After EVO. It’s been a long ago since I don’t use consoles and I have lost the familiarity with controllers.

Tried to play with keyboard and is fine but, I felt that I was going to enjoy the game more with a controller. I bought an Xbox one controller and is better than a keyboard, but using the thumb to circle the stick of the controller and pressing the LB and LT is uncomfortable. Maybe the design of the PS4 controller is better I didn’t knew that is possible to configure a PS4 controller on PC. Now I feel that to improve the precision I am going to need an Arcade Stick, compatible with PC of Course.

I have read that the Razer Atrox have compability issues with PC, that Mad Catz have gone out of business so for a complete newbie, looks like there is uncertainity. Any advice can be handy. Also, I live in an islands archipelago, so I have availability and delivery restrictions, making things worst.

I would like to know the differences of this two. I would like to spend around 100€ but the incompabilities and unavailability or delivery problems are forcing me to buy an expensive one.

Refurbished Mad Catz SF V TE S+ 100€

Or A new Razer Panthera, Razer Atrox is discarded because of incompability with PC or am I wrong?.

Hello! Many of us primarily enjoy our gaming, including fighting games, on PC. Welcome and I hope you enjoy Street Fighter V - there are many other titles available via Steam including recent favorite Dragonball FighterZ , Tekken 7, and the upcoming Soul Calibur VI !

Going with an Arcade style stick is a great idea but before we get to that, there is an intermediary option - “fightpads” . Check out the Hori Fighting Commander (for either Xbox One, or PS4 - there’s a model for each and they both support PC according to their web pages). for an example - essentially, they’re a gamepad that helps with the issue you describe by placing 6 buttons on the face instead of the usual 4, making fighting games with a similar layout easier to play. They also typically have a D-pad designed for fighting games, for those who prefer it. These pads are likely less expensive than most decent Arcade sticks, so if they’re available to you it may be worth looking into things if you can’t find a stick that works for you.

Now, onto Arcade style sticks themselves. I personally don’t know enough about Razer Arcade Sticks particular issues to comment, but currently it seems Razer offers both the Atrox which is an XboxOne/PC style stick and the more popular Panthera which is a PS4/PC stick. I’d have to do more research on any issues for either of them. However, overall I’ve found that sometimes other Razer peripherals have not been quite up to par with others in their price range. You are correct that MadCatz are now out of manufacture - however many of their TE line of sticks are still high quality and moddable so, especially for PC play they are desirable indeed and sold used. I actually have one I’m looking to sell myself , but I fear that counting for international shipping (I’m in the USA) I don’t know I could offer you the kind of price you’d seek. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested though.

That said, do you have any familiarity with or access to products from Hori or Qanba? Both these companies are making modern arcade sticks that are using higher quality peripherals and claim to offer PC support (Any stick that has X-Input support can easily be detected automatically in most titles these days) New they may be a little more than your budget, but they’re solid sticks and may also be available used. Sticks like the Hori RealArcadePro 4 Kai , Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa, or Fighting EDGE , or the Qanba Crystal or Obsidian perhaps. There is also the Sanwa Denshii MONO Arcade Stick itself , but its an import so not as easily found. If you want to check these out online, head over to FocusAttack or ArcadeShock - the latter even sells custom versions with different art and components! I am not sure if they will ship to your location or not but it may be a good place to get an idea of what’s out there. Almost all of these sticks are “officially” PS4 sticks, but since they offer a “PC” mode as well which is (usually) X-Input, it will work for you without much fuss.

There are other options out there as well, but there may be some trade-offs. For instance, lower priced sticks may not come with higher-quality components (ie Sanwa, Seimitsu, Hori buttons or levers etc) nor be as easy to mod to add them. However it can be done - I seem to read about those with sticks built on the Mayflash F500 (a ton of sticks used this and rebrand it) can be modded if you look into how to do so. There are a number of custom sticks out there very well respected by SRK enthusiasts, such as those made by Jonyfraze or the Panzer Fight Stick from Jasen’s Customs, but they’re likely to be an order of magnitude above what you’d pay for a quality off the shelf stick like a Hori .

Alternately, depending on your comfort level and wallet you could basically build a stick yourself - Check out the ArcadeShock “Ultimate Modding Kit” to give you many of the internals and the PCB that is the “brains” of the stick, , find a case you like on the Internet (ie TekInnovations makes a nice acrylic case from what I hear), buy the levers and buttons you wish etc. Some enjoy having a neat little project, but others do not so its up to your preference and comfort level.

Buying a used stick, including a MadCatz TE series may not be a bad idea for looking to spend less. Feel free to look for those selling used versions of all the sticks mentioned above as you may be able to get a great experience for a lesser price.

If you’re buying a new stick on the level of the Razer Panthera, I urge you to double check any issues with Razer iself, but also look into the Hori Fighting EDGE , RAP N , and RAP 4 Kai , Qanba Obsidian and Crystal , Sanwa MONO, and upcoming sticks like the Victrix ProFS.

It may help to know what your goals and interests are besides price. Do you want/plan to mod a stick either for aesthetics or performance? Are you open to building/modding or just want to basically buy something already ideal and ready to play? You mentioned limits due to your location ; are there only certain stores that it would be ideal to purchase through? Would you be able to buy from overseas if necessary? (ie I don’t know about the shipping but if your nation collects EU VAT, buying from the USA mean a cheaper price.) Where you can purchase from and what’s affordable, as well as your interests, may likely guide your next step.

If you have any other questions let us know and we’ll try to help.