PC custom made simple stick

While searching for a replacement joystick for a mc te, i have had an idea to build my own simple wood box fight stick. I am looking for some simple design plans that I can follow. If I can’t find any I guess I’ll have to reverse engineer an MC. Is anyone else surprised at the level of ingenuity portrayed by MadCatz in this day and age? I still remember my pink knockoff dual shock that literally shocked me. Can anyone tell me there best experiences for parts such as pubs and joysticks? Complete kits, etcetera? This will be for PC and most likely USB. The simpler the better. I would like high grade parts. I enjoy a classic arcade feel.

Will be playing metal slug, street fighter v, marvel vs capcom, the expendabros, and brawlhalla. I am also looking for new games to use my MCTE with.

Make sure you check out http://slagcoin.com/.

The site a little dated now, but all the essentials that are covered still hold true.

Thank you great resource. Any 3D printer blueprints? For some reason I think you could 3D print a box but I have no experience.

I did find this, but I really don’t like how the Top panel is constructed.
Doing the top panel in sections, and gluing or cementing the thing together is too easy to break.

I also found theses