PC Emulators + Game Console in original Arcade Cab

Hi !

After searching for a long time for a hardware that can connect my original JAMMA arcade cabinet to my PC and game consoles, i decided to build it on my own.
All commercially available things (J-PAC …) need a lot of additional hardware or wiring and none of them can handle a trackball for my favorite game marble madness.

The Project is in the final stage and i would like to hear your opinion if there is a market for it or not.

What does this hardware in principal:

  • Connects PC or gameconsole to JAMMA Connector of the acade cabinet
  • Makes a full ATX power supply from a arcade supply
  • Works with MAME and other PC based emulators
  • Emulates the joypads of SNES, Playstation (more to come)
  • On board video Amplifier and 8W stereo sound
  • Can be configured via USB
  • Firmware update via USB

I made some Fotos, that you can see how it looks like.

All features in detail:

PC2JAMMA 1.4 Features

On board 5Amps 3.3V switching power supply
Original arcade power supply (+12V +5V -5V) is enough to connect the PC mainboard. Arcade cabinet can stay original
ATX power connector for PC mainboard
4pin. ATX 12V Aux connector
Harddisk + floppy power (+5V / GND / GND / +12V)
15 programmable keysets
5 x USB for MAME or other PC based Emulators etc.
3 x PSX (digitalcontroller, analog “red” und “green”)
1 x Super Nintendo "SNES"
1 x Nintendo 64 (planned)
1 x GameCube (planned)
4 x reserved for future use
Keyboard and mouse emulation via USB
Keyset configuration from PC via USB
Defaults for all Keysets in ROM
Stereo 8W/6W audio amplifier
2 video inputs VGA & SCART (selects automatically the correct source)
Controllabele video amp (0.7 … 4Vpp)
Arcade monitor protection from wrong line frequency
Built in SYNC signal divider (configurable)
Extented JAMMA connector with 4 buttons
Additional 12 general purpose inputs for buttons, Spinner, Trackball
Gold plated JAMMA connector
3 status LEDs
Firmware updates via USB

What do you think?
If there are enough interested gamers i’ll make a few to sell them.



I am sure you can find a few interested. Perhaps more in arcade building forums, such as BYOAC,Killer Cabs or Neo-geo forums. I just order a j-pac yesterday :frowning:

Either way, what would be a base price?

Other stuff to consider, Start making an F.A.Q list, you will certainly get questions while trying to sell them and will more than likely have more after you sell them.

having the audio amp right on board is a damn good idea. the j-pac doesn’t have that, so you have to add in an amplifier and wire it to the cab speakers or use pc speakers. having everything come through the jamma harness makes things so much easier. shame i just ordered a j-pac and cables from ultimarc, or i’d be all over this board.

i think theres definitely a market for this. keep up the good work.

n-g.com mostly deals in original JAMMA boards/MVS and shuns MAME

I remember the days when drama and flamewars would start if you even mentioned MAME>

:smokin: I changed the subject, PC-Emulator sounds more neutral

The price is at the moment difficult to mention. One prototype PCB costs me approx. 50 EUR (75 US$) plus components, which is another 65 EUR. Population of the prototypes was done by hand.

As a first guess i’d say 150 EUR if i build more than 25 units.



you got a pm

I can tell you there would be a demand for this because the current xbox to jamma and ps2 to jamma converters that are commonly found have a timer that constantly flashes on screen and is very annoying, which I assume you do not do with your new device.

Oh yeah, I am totally interested in this as well.

I would be intrested in this as well

I got the final (empty) PCBs today, the emulation of the Nintendo64, GameCube is also working.

When i have populated the fist PCB i’ll make some photos.