PC experts, help please. HDD issue


So I put together my new PC and everything works fine. I go to connect my 2nd HDD(juse used for storage) and there was a problem. The 2nd HDD was made 1st boot and so my pc wouldn’t work and I fixed all of that.

Now my PC successfully boots to windows. The problem now? My 2nd HDD doesn’t have any of the files I have stored in it. What shows up is 3 folders… Documents and Settings, Program Files, and WINDOWS.

Anyone have any idea why? I didn’t do anything to this 2nd HDD. It also says I have about 30gb of space taken up in this HDD so I believe all my files are not gone.


you didn’t reformat or partition your 2nd drive did you?


Nope. I couldn’t have, when I installed windows that HDD wasn’t even hooked up. And all i did was hook it up.

The HDDs were fine on my old set up.

Anyways, I probably did mess up somewhere, I’m just going to format both drives since I don’t have anything important.


Something is missing here.

You said there 30GB free on your 2nd HDD. What size is your 2nd HDD. What connector it uses (Pata or Sata) and what format it is in (FAT 32, NTFS)?
What version of Windows do you use? Xp, Vista, Win 7?

Also what did you do to fix your PC to boot on your primary HDD?