PC Fei Long's



Now I am not sure if they are going to make the game cross platform compatible for online play but I’d like to know who the other Fei Longs on PC are.

If your on the PC and want to play some games, let me know… live account name is “Ballatishun”


it doesn’t seem like they will but anyway


playing on pc against others feels like when the game just came out on console


Keyboardan that Fei.


Need a new PC
Then i’ll be on.


ggs balatician, jumping in against you was a nightmare lol


Great games dude. Your chicken wings outclassed mine in every way. Also good games to john4p.


Thanks, your execution was perfect. I hope I can be a bit more of a challenge in the future… :wink:

My notebook refusing to boot since yesterday doesn’t help though. I have to send it to its manufacturer and wait ~two weeks before I can play SF4 PC again… :frowning:

If anyone wants to spar then, my GfWL-ID is john4p.


Hey I’m a relatively new Fei player i live and die by him my screen is invinciblesoul86 I’m looking to get better… msg me.


Yeah i remember runnin into you quite a few times in champ mode… Giefs are always tough games.

Good games to Dj Chen too.


Good fights Ballatician, you had me locked down in that corner for 11 games haha! i picked up a few tricks from you but i still need to work on HK CW > FP > Rekka.

HP> Rekka is the problem lol especially from P1 side.

On another note i Fought FocusADC, i believe hes also on SRK forums…


Hi folks.

I just bought SFIV a couple days ago and have been getting my ass handed to me repeatedly, nearly without fail. The last Street Fighter game I played was Street Fighter II Tournament Edition for the Sega Genesis, which was more than 10 years ago.

I’m a little rusty.

WindowsLive tag is Sin Fang Bous. Feel free to send me a message if you want to pwn/help a noob out :slight_smile:


I’m around. GG Dj


I’ve been playing FeiLong for 2-3 weeks on PC. I consider myself to be slightly better than newbie. I’m working on combo-ing at the moment.
If you’re a pro, I’d like to take some advices from you.
If you think you’re as bad as I am, feel free to work together.

PC tag: briangarfield


yo balla, I added you. Gamertag is Isurus1


Sounds good dude.


had some very GGs against FocusADC. his poke pressure strings are really good, and does the fk -> CW juggle very consistantly. I need to remain calm and get my link strings to be more consistent, and improve my poke pressure.



Forty games straight, 21-19 his favor.

Edit: I think you would have floored me, I would have lost more rounds if you went straight for the damage.
I went for pressure hoping to wreck your link execution. Considering you landed the majority of your links, and
still won at 21, I’m going to have to practice for when I see you in Champs.


balla you have a friend request the name is Ismarramsi
hope you can improve my gameplay

see ya !


Cool, accepted. Message me anytime.


Had some good games with bgf a few days ago, I have been practicing some super setups since then.
It was interesting to see that cw (right up close) stuffs fei’s ultra.
Those random select matches were very fun.

anyway I finally got back my fixed ps3 after being given a run around :smile: