PC fighters @ vegas!

I’m still working out the details, but basically imagine a small area in the byoc room with a group of laptops running all sorts of PC fighters. If some people donate a laptop to the cause, I think this will be great for anyone who plays PC fighters.


Friday - Signups and do whatever you want day. Money Matches, random games, and any tournament not listed(just bring a copy and some competition). Brackets will be made friday evening/saturday morning, so if you don’t sign up today you might not be separated from your region.

Saturday - Emergency signups up to when tournaments start. I’m planning on having several setups available so some tournaments overlapping a bit shouldn’t be a problem.

(all times pm)
2:00 - Big Bang Beat
3:00 - Eternal Fighter Zero
4:00 - Monster
5:00 - Akatsuki
6:00 - Immaterial and Missing Power
7:00 - Melty Blood

Sunday - Leave me alone I want to watch the japs take everything but mvc2 day…or just friday2.

Rules for donating equipment to the cause:

There are two(and a half) parts to this, first is the computer, second is a tv/monitor screen. For either, you will be given free entree into the tournament of your choice, or simply 5 dollars. All donations must be for the full course of saturday. If you only want to donate for a specific timeframe, then you may not get the rewards. There will only be a limited number of setups needed, so generally it will be first come first serve, however full setups will be taken in before half setups. Donations won’t be accepted on friday, so get there early on saturday!

The computer(desktop or laptop) must be able to play all of the games at an acceptable frame rate(basically a steady 60fps). All unnecassary applications(networking, virus protection, ect.) should be disabled. Ideally all games should already be installed, but I shall bring extra copies for those who don’t have them. There is also a usb tweaker program that will be required and set at 500ms. I’ll bring this as well. All games should have shortcuts on your desktop for easy locating. Computers need at a minimum 2 usb ports.

For the other part, a screen that displays the game without lag(crt monitor or tv). Connections may be supplied by either side. These can be an evo TV that you reserved for the area. If you donate a full setup(computer and tv), that counts as two donations.

For the last half, in the event that more ps2>usb converters are needed, a set of two pelican converters will be accepted as donation materal.

Other ways to help: When a game you are in is being run, stay in the general area. It is understandable if you have to leave for another match, but please tell someone that you are going. Assistance with gathering people who are up is also welcome since I don’t want to leave the general area lest I return to find 3 computers and a shoe missing.

Game Rules:

Remember to save replays people! This is more of a tip on how to avoid getting lynched than a rule…
$5 entree per game, which goes to the prize.
Double elimination format. In the event of a large turnout, pools will be used. Top 4(2 winners 2 losers) from each pool qualify to the finals pool. Bracket rigging by state/region for people who sign up on friday(optional).
Matches are 2/3 games, except for w/l/g finals which are 3/5.
All forms of handicap are disabled.
Stage selection is random unless a stage is agreed upon by both players.
Controllers may be set any way that a game allows. You may not use outside of game macros or turbo functions.
Controllers must be either usb or have a usb converter. PS2 > USB converters will be provided. You may not use a keyboard.
Winner of a previous game in a set must keep the same character. Blind pick for first game upon request.

Out of game rules:

Do not use the computers for anything other than playing games. Do not change the game currently being played without permission. One infraction of this is a yellow card for EVERY tournament you are in. THIS INCLUDES YOUR OWN COMPUTER If you need to do something with your computer then tell someone in charge.(official in charge list TBA)

When changing converters unplug the official pelican converter(if present) and leave it on the keyboard area of a laptop. When done, plug it back in. For desktop computers, leave it on either the keyboard or on top of the computer, whichever seems more visable.


Instead of a flat split, there is a chart to determine the prize. It is similar to a split, only every entree increaces the value of one place to keep every prize a multiple of five, which causes some deviation. Some examples:

ent 1 - 2 -3 - 4
10 30 15 5
20 65 25 10
30 90 40 20
40 115 55 25 5
50 140 65 30 15

Due to spikes, the split changes slightly. At 10 entrees it’s identical to a 60/30/10 split, while at 20 it is a 65/25/10 split. On a side note, fourth starts getting a prize at 35 entrees.

I’ll bring my laptop along with a PS2 to USB converter that supports two PS2 inputs. I also have four USB inputs. I believe that I will be leaving with my laptop whenever I move from the area. That won’t be a problem, right?

… and it’s not like I’d have much reason to leave in the first place. MELTY RULEZ ^w^b wwwwww

Hopefully I’ll be going and bringing my laptop with me. 4 USB inputs on this beast.

I’ve got BBB, AB, and Monster on it, too.

Joe, you’re free to room with us again if you’d like.


Word. :tup:

I forgot to add that anyone who donates a laptop to the cause will be compensated with at minimum free entree into the tournament of your choice. Laptop must have at a minimum 2 usb ports and be capable of running said games in tournament conditions(IE no slowdown).

PSX > usb converters will also be appreciated. I’m considering buying some for this(like 6 or so), but if I do that I want to find one that works with almost anything plugged into it without lag.

The official unofficial event will be held saturday. Other days will just be bring your laptops and play whatever you feel like playing day.

Kwon Ho?

Does that actually have a scene?


And oh yeah, IF I can find it, I can bring my S-Video cable and hook that shit up to the television.

My laptop will be used for Vet’s MBAC tourney, so it can’t be used for this. If I can I’ll try and let it be used, but I gotta stash my porn away though.

Vet’s tournament is happening under us.

At least I think it is.

It is now anyway.

I PMed vet 3-4 days ago and haven’t gotten a response. Looking at his thread it looks like he was going to run the ps2 version anyway.

ill enter that akaski blitzcoff game…its pretty cool

Hi guys. Please don’t misrepresent my intentions.

Master Chibi, you contacted me to tell me you wanted to lend support to the MBAC tournament, and I mentioned between myself and the GG guys, like Heidern98, we should be able to handle things.


I PMed vet 3-4 days ago and haven’t gotten a response. Looking at his thread it looks like he was going to run the ps2 version anyway.

Concerning PS2 vs. PC MBAC, I openly asked in the SRK thread and IRC #MBAC [EFnet], what everyone’s preference will be, and it seems the only acceptable answer is to run each tournament.

As it is BYOC, you guys are free to run any tournament you like, but please don’t express it as the tournament Veteru is supporting. It seems like you guys have some other games you want to run as well, so you might as well leave MBAC up to me.


I have no idea what Chibi is talking about.

I wanted to keep all the PC fighters in one area, melty blood included, so they aren’t all scattered around, since many people who play one play others as well. Also since they are all together, I can make sure that every game that people want to play gets some play time. Also, based on your thread, it seems like you just wanted to run the ps2 version. Well, now with my idea, both versions get run, one being teams. I said for the ps2 version to be teams since it’s much easier to switch controllers with it.

That was my recommendation for an alternate solution. Both get run, one is teams, like you had said.

I got confusedededed, sorry~

Assuming I go:

Eternal Fighter Zero
Melty Blood AC
Big Bang Beat

Plus, a two-port adapter, an HRAP, an extra PS2 pad, and a Logitech USB pad (that doesn’t suck).

i have 2 radio shack adapters i can bring. i’m interested in playing some big bang beat. i wanna learn more about that game

I would like to have a setup to record the matches if possible. As of right now, i have an easy setup to easily record from composite hookups, if the TVs output to it. No s-video.

I guess the pc version has a recorder built in. I’m still throwing my personal preference over to the PS2 version, since i’m still used to it.

I’m looking into the pelican usb adaptor. I’ve heard it works great with just about everything. If it is indeed that good, I will bring like 6-8 of them to make sure that there are plenty of converters to go around that don’t lag. Ideally I’d like to have them on every tournament setup, so there doesn’t need to be any switching of converters, you just switch your controller like its on ps2.

I think I’m only going to run tournaments on saturday, and leave other days to casuals. This isn’t 100% yet though.

As for recording matches, it is a definite plus to have them recorded, but except for the finals it isn’t a priority. Someone with a video camera could always record them the old fashioned way if nothing else is available.