PC Fighters?


Recently received my A+ certification, and I’m deciding what fighting games to put on my PC. I’ve already decided to use GGPO, and I’m willing to take a chance on doujin fighters. Any suggestions?


Street Fighter 4 is probably the most played PC fighter at the moment. SFxT is out too, but I’ve heard the port has a number of problems (also, its SFxT, so I don’t know how many people actually still play it.) Skullgirls and Divekick are ones to look out for. In terms of doujins, Melty Blood is the most well-known/popular, but the Touhou fighting games are pretty interesting as well. Be warned that netplay on doujin fighters can be pretty limited. There’s also emulators for Dreamcast and Playstation 2, but I’ve never had luck getting the netplay on those to work. Hope I could help =)