PC Fighters

I am looking for some Fighting Games for the PC, specifically ones that are free if possible. I am not asking how to steal games, I want games that are legitimately free.

Sorry if this shouldn’t be in the Noob section.

MUGEN. Some of the characters can be pretty decent.

a lot of them are free but dont support online play.

regarding MUGEN games, I’d recommend the Black Heart.

For online you can play on GGPO, Supercade and Superarc.
with the exception of 3S, MvC, Jojo, KOF98, , SFA, KOF2002 and VS, games there technically are not free but they dont bring money to the developers either, only to second hand retailers.Most of them were discontinued during the PS2 era, If you owned the original console or PC game, you’d feel less guilty playing them instead of having to rebuy them. Eg I had the Dreamcast version of Jojo and 3S so I can play them with less guilt.

Same could be said for Doujin games that are not available to Western retailers, except Vanguard Princess.
Unless you know Japanese and know from where to buy them, you could get Melty Blood and Ougon Mousou Cross but without official online play. their developers dont have you in mind when they make the game and limit it to Japan only.