[PC] G1 rally

G1 rally


  • This thread is ONLY for people who play to the PC version of the game.
  • This thread is ONLY for people who are actually in G1.

As you probably already noticed, the championship mode of the PC version have a big lack of players. I have reached G1 last month and I’ve managed to gather only 200points (more or less) 'cause I can’t find more than 2 / 5 match per day O_o

So, where are G1 players ?
All pissed off about losing their points or maybe because they are bored to wait an opponent ?

Those questions, I guess that we won’t ever get answers, so I decided to make a last attempt before being totally bored of this game.

The goal is simple:

  • Make G1 playable.
  • Reach top ranking position (after cheaters of course -_-)

For that, nothing easier …

If you are interessed, fill this little form :

your gamertag : -
your schedule disponibility (approximativly with your local timezone) : -

The aim of collecting those informations for me is to create a buddy list which would make us able to determinate a kind of schedule for meet us in game in some championships.With an average of 10 players, we could run the game withou problems.

I hope that we could makes this project together.

Thank you in advance.

GFWL - dotclipse

waiting on G1 matches is ridiculous. there’s rougly 250 people in PC G1 world wide? i’m always down for casuals and i’ve resulted to just getting casuals going w/ whomever seems to be online until the rest of the crowd catches up to G1.

Thats why im afraid to make it to G1. I’ve been chilling at 12,000 points for a while lol. Just play casuals most of the time, right dotclipse? =)

^ lol.

prolly won’t see me on for a minute… just got that ps3 slim. hopefully imma see you in the tourney this sunday, lets try and run some casuals before hand… your blanka is too bananas atm.

loc - toronto

just over 15k cp
can add me for casuals

aight man, give me a holla. how much the ps3 slim btw?

^ $299.99.

such a steal imo.

I just moved to G1 today in PC SFIV.
Its hard to find an opponent.
I usually log in 9pm-3am eastern time.
See u.
GFWL: Swag B

G1 rally

Does Rally Master Pro work on a Nokia 5800 in full screen?


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Can’t you guys just reset your GP so you can play G2/G3 again?

timezone 6-10pm est

i’ve been in G1 for a while and i gotten like 500 or so points but i have to say i’ve met dudes that kicked my butt rapidly…
it still really hard to find a fight =[