PC Gamelink Tourney Results 4-21-07

Third Strike
1st = Ryan- Let blood run
2nd = Jay - viscant
3rd = Tenchi

Super T
1st= Jay - Viscant
2nd = Darren Z
3rd = Frank

Gratz to Ryan and Jay.

pc game link is dope. gg jay and everyone else i played. lets do it again.

thanks for letting me play marvel being the first loser and all =] that place was awesome and everyone was cool. i’ll definitely go to another one. peace.


Yeah, PC Game Link always holds great tournaments. Any time you guys have a tournament, I’ll be there. GGs to everyone, especially Ryan and Darren, pulling out ST characters I forgot were in the game.

–Jay Snyder

here is the link for the 3s video


Good having it on video so I can dissect it and hopefully figure out how to beat Urien a little better. Any word on when the ST finals are coming online?

–Jay Snyder

ill try to get it online tonight

Use Makoto, Yun, or Akuma. :wonder:

yeah use those dont use ken. haha

anyone down for casuals at game link tomorrow?

super t vids of tourney 4-21-07



Nice. Thanks for posting up the videos. After watching this again, I got hella luckier than I remembered. The last few matches I’m mashing like I’ve never mashed before. Darren should have won, hopefully we’ll get to play again soon.

–Jay Snyder

might as well upload last years SFAE final matchup